What cheese do you have?


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I use Low Low grated cheese and reduced fat mozzarella for my toasted sandwiches and pasta. As I do only green days I can have 1 or 2 HA's which means I get to have lots of cheese if I want! I buy grated because it's easier to pull out and weigh.


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I like Cathedral City Lighter. On a green day you can have 42g as a HEA or a HEB option and you get two of each (so if you were a real addict and used cheese for all four of your options I guess you could have 168g altogether!). 42g synned would probably be 6 syns, as most HEXs work out around that.

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I would normally have 28grms of whatever cheese took my fancy.

But I saw Low Low on offer in Asda & bought it on a whim. And I'm pleasantly surprised how nice it is, I have 42grms as hexa.

I never have extra cheese & syn it. But I do usually have either green or red days so I can have 2 hexa's if I want.


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I also use Low Low cheese. For a Healthy Extra because it's reduced fat, you are allowed 42g of it.

Otherwise, I have the Light Laughing Cow triangles.

I very rarely drink milk so my HexA always goes on cheese.


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I use Low Low because it's got a lot of flavor. It means I use less than I would have done with something milder. It's worth paying that little bit more.


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I use tescos healthy low fat mature cheddar, they do a mild version as well. they do it in slices which is ideal for burgers. For 42g it's 5 1/2 syns. Have used weight watchers but found it doesn't melt very well. Also tried low low which was nice and cathedral lighter is nommy!

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I buy Cathedral City Light and then grate it when I get home - doesn't take more than a few minutes to cut up and grate in the processor! I keep it in a plastic box in the fridge and weigh it out as I need it. Certainly seems more once it's grated.:D



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Cheese is the one thing I generally don't eat anymore. I was your typical "cut a matchbox sized portion off the slab of cheese; replace matchbox in fridge; demolish slab in three minutes flat" heehee You could keep your bread and chocolate, but cheese? mmmmm.

Anyhoo, I do you spreading cheese in place of margarine in many meals. I use 6 Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles as an A or B (Also do mainly green days)


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laughing cow light triangles and laughing cow deli lights they do with onion and blue cheese ones 5 as a healthy xtra on jacket spuds i have low low and the moment but i do prefer 28g full fat mature chedder because of the taste


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Are cheese singles HexAs or not? I can't decide!

Do you mean cheese singles as in 'burger' cheese?? If so the tesco 'half fat' ones are 3 for a HEA - perfect for my quorn burger fix! :D



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Laughing Cow or Dairylea, the light or extra light, just because it's convenient! Or mild cheddar cheese (28g HExA) because it's what everyone else has at home. I used to buy Asda RF cheese, grated or slices, but the longer I'm on SW, the more I try to convince myself I can have the same as everyone else, just as long as I syn/HEx it :)


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I brought some Tesco value mozzerella which was only about 50p for 125g!! Was blooming gorgeous and much cheaper than other mozzerella!


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^^ The aldi stuff is good as is sainsburies pre-grated. Had cheese on toast this morning with it :)


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i love cheese too but i also love cereal with milk so i have go without it every other day lol !