What colour underwear do you have on right now


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Yes that's right pull them back have a look

Has a quick look after pulling back the elasticated Joggers

Plack bra, and black pants with cherry's on it :D
black lacey matching set ( well it is weigh in night, thought i'd make an effort lol!)
daisy x
:8855:well no, not at the moment!
maybe in a few weeks i might!

thought they might weigh less than my big granny pants tho :8855:
Turquoise with pink lace bra and Betty Boop pants!!!

Hey, don't judge me, Gok says it's cool not to match now!!

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Matching dark purple Elle Mcpherson intimates set (bra and thong) New body, new lingere (and I can buy sexy stuff cos it now fits!). Only wear the bridget jones knickers for the gym these days!!
oh dear, does that mean I'm not cool cos I'm in matching underwear? I mean, if Gok says....!
No it's ok. Gok says that matching sets are sexy too! And interestingly enough, Gok also says that Magic knickers are fabulous and we should all wear them with pride.

I love Gok! He is my new best friend.

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magic knickers rock-but I don't tend to wear them on a daily basis! Just when the lumps needs controlling!
*Expects someone to say they can't as they're not wearing any*
I wish you wouldn't peek through my windows! And anyway, I've just had a bath so none...at the moment.:8855: