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What combination of packs is allowed and why aren't we allowed more than one bar?

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Hi all,

I lost 5 stone will LL in 2007. It totally changed my life (as in divorce, new partner, new job and way more happiness and confidence) and I maintained at 10-11 stone for 2 years until I fell pregnant last year.

My son was born very early and has been ill and the combination of pregnancy weight and stress-eating (and xmas) means I found myself at two stone heavier than I was when I started the first time around (16.5 stone). I'm back on the programme and finding it very good - down by a stone already, but as I can't get to a group (due to my baby) I just turn up and buy my packs each week. I'm not sure with all the new packs what is allowed? I only like the peanut bars (not the fudge ones - the more flapjack one), the chocolate shakes, the chilli and the tomato soup (at a push).
The last time around I had to have 4 chocolate shakes every day (and still managed 136 days without a cheat!) so it's nice to have more options I can actually swallow withut gagging!
Am I allowed one shake, one soup, one chilli pack and one bar a day? Also, are you still only allowed one bar per day? I could REALLY do with two bars a day as I am really starting to despise the other flavours but LOVE the peanut bar.

Any advice gratefully received - I'm hoping to be back at goal soon after my 30th birthday in May.

Thanks all,
Beth xx
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Only one bar because of the greater amount of carbs in it I'm affraid. As for the other three packs a day, you can have what you like. I know quite a few survive on just one variety. I think Pete only has/had the choc shakes and that's it.

Good luck this time around.


I will do this!
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you will find your own routine. For 5 months I have porridge for breakfast, hot chocolate at lunch, peanut bar at dinner and a hot chocolate at night. It was only the last month I started to love coffee so add vanilla and coffee in the evening, was really sad to go down to 3 packs a day as sad as that might seem! hehe
yup Foxtrot is right I have 3 choc shakes and 1 cranberry bar each day :)

1 bar and any other 3 packs, mix and match to keep it fresh if you need to or find a routine and stick to it like me, whatever makes it work for you! :)
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I have had two bars in one day, but as you are only allowed seven in a week it means I have a couple of higher carb days and a couple of lower carb days (yes i know not ideal). As to the combinations, play around with them and see what works for you. i have porridge when i get in from work and hot banana at about 8pm.
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I'm another one who has hardly any flavours.

Mainly I have the veg soup. I have this as a soup, but also make 'crisps' with it sometimes as it makes a change.

I have a bar for breakfast, either cranberry or nut fudge.

Thats about it!

Although this week I've decided to try a couple of the milkshakes, just to see if I've changed my mind on them.

I used to have Chilli con Carne, but it's too spicy and makes my stomach really hurt.

So you can get by on just a couple of flavours. I just try not to think about food or the packs. I just eat them while I'm doing other things.
cause the bars have 299 calories if you read the back, whereas packs has 124/125 calories depending on which one :) thats why i dont use bars :)
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It's not only the carbs, it's the soya in them... not great for the digestive system in large quantities!

But Andy, no point not having bars because of the cals. An extra 100 or so cals a day aint going to make a damn bit of difference.
not in a day, but having a 150 calories less a day for 12 weeks is

12x7x150 is an extra 12600 calories :) which equates to nearly 4 lbs of weight loss you give up by having a bar when you could easily have a shake :) so thats an extra week (an extra £70) you need to be on it since thats an average weeks weight loss, to get to your goal, thats why :)
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I pop the peanut bars in the toaster in a toasta bag so it goes warm and gooey and its simply lush, I have half in the morning and half in the afternoon (my LL councillor said this was ok) - cos they're quite filling the bars!
S: 21st8lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 26 Loss: 10st1lb(46.69%)
I'm sure when I was on bars they were 200 cals not 125, so 75 cals extra, which would at most be 2lbs in 3 months so the loss over the convienience of the bars wasn't enough to make me decide to lose them ;) But each to their own.


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I eat the nut fudge bars and they are 179 calories so not a huge difference, they also take a lot of calories to chew and digest I imagine because they are bulkier the carbs is the reason why we can only have 1 a day
hmm thats weird, cause the one i picked up at my second week had 299 calories on the back of it :S
S: 21st8lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 26 Loss: 10st1lb(46.69%)
Think that might be 299 cals/100g, not per bar ;) Mind you those bars didn't exist when I did it...

Sorry, not trying to have a go at you, but don't want people to be scared off bars either :D
The 300-odd calories is per 100g, so the bars have around 170-180cals each, so even over the course of 12 weeks you are only talking 2lbs difference in weightloss, if you're that fussed you could get on a treadmill each day, I burn off around 250cals by running for an hour each night, so I'm having the bars and burning them off and more and getting fitter too :) win-win-win! :D
well in fairness i get up at 6 for a run so id burn them off, but id personally rather burn off the fat... cause lets be honest, if you dont NEED to have the bars, then why have them if they have more calories :) even if it'd only make 2lbs of a difference, its still a difference in my eyes :)


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That's dedication andy!!
Well my hat's off to you Andy, that's a great attitude to have and be able to keep up, I can manage about 4 days without bars but by that time I'm grinding me teeth for something a bit more, even savouring the lumps in the shakes! LOL!

I guess though it's all in my head, I did my 1st 7 days with only shakes, and I now only have the bars because I know I can have them; if I wasn't allowed them anymore then I'd just have to deal with that and get on with it!
well i go for a run at 6 every morning, so i would burn it off, but personally i dont see the point in having more calories when you dont NEED to, i survive perfectly well on shakes and porridge all week, so it might only make 2 lbs of a difference in the end, but thats still a difference :)

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