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What could it be?


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My friend and i are both doing ss now my friend started weighing 4stone more than me but is 2inches taller. So 1st weigh in last week i lost 10lb and she lost 4lbs which she was upset about.

She had to get weighed on my scales which weigh the same as my cdc cos the cdc scales wouldn't read her???

I weighed the same on mine as the cdc ones so she weighed on mine and it showed a 4lb loss and she got on mine 2 days later at the same time and it said sts even though i had lost a 1lb or 2 she got on today and it said a 2lb gain so i got on to see the difference and it said i had lost another lb.

she said she hasn't cheated and i believe she would tell me if she had, so is there any other reason for a little loss then a gain?
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when i did cd, i had days like that depending on time of weigh and also because the body panics so i was holding water, are her bowels regular ?? the body can hold on to what it wants if it chooses lol i wouldnt be disheartend eventually youget there :D xx
Retaining water
Not having drunk enough water
Not having all packs

etc etc etc .... our bodies are funny things and don't behave the same as someone elses .... you may put on weight quicker than your friend and therefore lose it quicker.

If she sticks to it 100%, drinks enough water it HAS to come off!


is gonna shine in 2009
TOTM nope
Retaining water could be
Constipation she said no
Not having drunk enough water drinks 3-4ltrs a day
Not having all packs having all 3 packs a day

I do seem to gain quicker than her when not dieting, she is not on any meds and no medical problems. Just hope its shows soon for her cos i know she is really down about it and i don't want her to give up before she has the chance to fully see what CD can do.

thanks for the replies xx
1st week is no indication of what future losses will be. She was either retaining water, took longer to get into ketosis or was better prepared(as in on less carbs). I had 11st to lose and lost only 6lbs in the first week which compared to other people losing 12lbs with only 40lbs to lose seemed odd however ive consistantly lost above the average 3.5lb a week, personally it took me till the 5ht day to get into ketosis. Tell her to stick at it.


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Hi hunni, You know if she is doing the diet properly and not cheating she will lose weight, everyone has losses at diff paces, Im sure its just her body adjusting.
Just a thought but you said her docs scales wouldnt weigh her, maybe her weight is near the maximum on your scales and they might not be reading correctly??
whish her luck and tell her to stick to it she will get there.xx

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