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what day do you weigh in?

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I know this is a real dumb question....
I started the LT diet on Monday so what day i am supposed to have my first weigh In? Do you get weighed on the same day every week?

i have the starting of a colossal headache i can feel it coming on like a big fog......

does anyone know if there is anything i can do to head it off before it kicks in fully?

cheers :sigh:
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Hi Pineda, I'm not sure, I weighed on Saturday but didn't start until the Sunday, but will keep to the Saturday to weigh in due to work committments, it will only make a difference in the first week, I'll have been doing it for 6 days and not 7. Good luck
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Hiya I get weighed every Saturday morning, I started on the Monday though but it didnt matter when i asked the pharmasist


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I started on the Friday and got weighed on the Thursday and stuck to Thursdays..I dont think it matters to be honest.

I think you can take some pain killers, but not the coated ones!


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You have to get weighed in so you can get food for the next week, so count your shakes etc and based on 3 per day you should have enough left for Sunday and get weighed on Monday, however if you can't get weighed in early enough on the Monday to start your week again ( you can't be without food all day until you weigh in the evening), then you should get weighed in on Sunday or if not possible Saturday. Then this can stay as your weigh in day from then on.
Take some parecetemol for the headache and drink the water, it helps.
Best of luck.
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I started the Monday and weigh in the same day every week.

I`ll have someone new next week as my usual lady is away :-/

LiSe x


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I get weighed on a Monday but my week starts on a Tuesday - god only knows what to do when its BH Monday in a couple of weeks. I guess I will have to be weighed on a Saturday 5 days after weigh in and then again 9 days later back on the Monday - could show some interesting losses.
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Hi and welcome
I started on a monday but get weighed on friday so my first week was only 5 days i still lost 8 pounds :)
i like friday it gives me a boost to carry on over the weekend when it is the hardest time for me

Debz x
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good idea about the friday giving you encouragement for the weekend. I might get my first WI on MOnday and then change to Saturday's then I dont miss the bank holiday...

i am absolutely wanting something to eat - my own fault - i decided i was cocky enough to cook my OH and son some spicy chicken pieces in the oven and some oven chips - now my stomache is doing flips and my mouth is dry and slavering at same time!!!!! arggghhhhhh!!! ive just told them this is killing me........................
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Just keep sniffing hun, it's usually better than the actual food!!!!!

I would recommend you weigh in when it fits around you. When I started last year I started on the Monday and Monday was my weigh in day. I was on for 3 BH's so when the first came up I bought 2 weeks worth the previous week then weighed in when I could manage it. This meant I had some spares just in case! My chemist was only open Monday to Friday.

This time I started on a Sunday and have yet to go to the chemist for an official weigh in. I am using a different one which opens on Saturday so I will probably make that my WI day as it will be easier once I'm back at school.

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In weight on Saturday morning but my week starts Monday.

I think the best thing for a headache on this diet is a pint and a half of water. Failing that 1 paracetamol.
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i drank loads of water and just stuck with it and the headache... touch wood... has gone - i feel fantastic today - loads of energy for some reason and i feel really happy and not hungry... i didnt even flinch when my colleague had her soup at lunchtime!!!!!!!!!!


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I weigh in on a Monday. I hate weighing in, phobia of scales!

You are most probably in ketosis Pineda, I was the same as you, feeling rotten then next day bouncing around full of energy, I'm still that way in week 3. So hopefully it will be the same for you. Although I twisted my ankle running down the stairs and it's swollen and yucky. I've been told to keep off it, and that is proving impossible at the minute. I'm itching to hoover upstairs!
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 47.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hahahaha. get your foot up and hopefully the swelling will go down soon - you need somthing icy on it like a bag of ice (i would have said peas.... but not now hahahaha)
i intend going in and sorting out the mess my 13 yr old has made on my internet connection at home, his xbox live!!!! connection and then i am going to bottom my bathroom and sons bathroom and then do whats left of the ironing....... hopefully i will be tired though so i can sleep xx


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I chopped and changed days loads in the first couple of months but now I'm a saturday girl.

though not this saturday, will be a week today before i get weighed again :(

My pharmacy is very good about letting me have 2 weeks sachets as i'm here there and everywhere!

For the headache - keep drinking the water, can be a sign of dehydration.


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i went to the pharmacy and got weighed/sachets etc on a thursday evening but didnt start until friday, and i weigh on a thursday evening every week.

basically it doesnt matter, but obviously be careful you dont run out of shakes! xx


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My WI varies due to working shifts, I bought 2 weeks when I started & didnt get weighed until after 12 days. I had a couple of days left from this first batch so having next weigh in after 9 days, which works out at 21 days. How complicated can I make this???

I have realised big stylee that I need a weeklyish weigh in for motivation.

When I was on LT before the pharmacy let me buy as many days as I needed to carry me over night shifts & fitting WI in. Although definately cheaper to buy in week blocks. Ive not really thought too much about having a set day as I work 6 shifts on then 4 off, so just try and fit in around work. My weeks are always messed up so forget what day it is half the time!

I have a box that holds the weeks supply in, so as I see this going down it spurs me on.

This probably hasnt helped re your enquiry....

Good luck on your journey xxx

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