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What Day is Your Weigh In Day ????

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hi All

Well this is quite simple really, what day is your weigh in day and why ??

I'll go first....

Monday, as it keeps me focused for the week ahead, and helps me get through the weekend if I'm lucky !!!!! What is it with the weekends, ah yes that's right, lazy Saturday mornings in Starbucks with a frothy coffee , trying to resist the yummyscrummy you know you want me cakes!!!

Though I did read something recently about that most people who start diets on a Monday are more likely to fail !!!

EEEK !!! I hope not

Diva x
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cos i need this xxx
mine is currently friday, just for convenience really lol!


Full Member
Friday is my day, and thats just because that was the day that the "accupuncture kicked in". Also means i can be a little naughty with wine over the weekend, although i try not to, and have the whole week to be good again ;)
I chose a monday too, basically it helps me be good, and a tad bit stronger on the weekend! Ive also decided not to drink till christmas time!! How well it goes.. i dont know lol

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
hi CarlaJay....oooohhh...giving up the alcohol until Christmas, that's good, how is it going....
I always notice a little increase, and feel a bit bloated and heavy the next day or two, and my limit these days is the occasional low cal beer, or a Vodka and diet Coke !!!!! Gawd knows how I managed to be slimmer in my twenties, when I was drinking maybe four times a week, and that was pints of lager and treble Vodkas and orange juice, ahhhhhh !!!! Haha !!! I sound like a right old lush in my younger days, oops !!!
Also the drinking can lead to pigging out on stuff, can't it??? The late late night takeaways, greasy food, and then the next day, a big fry up to soak it up, what bad continuos behaviour that was..... Eeek !!!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Flux, hello, was it your weigh in today, how are you doing ???? I have just been cleaning the house, it's spread over three big floors, so plenty of stairs !!!! So I've done about 2.5 hours of that, gotta fit in some walking on the Treadmill, but i'd rather be on here or surfing !!!!! How's the exercise been this week ??
Have a good weekend !!!
Fairplay im determined to stick to it, its been great but sometimes when i go out with friends its hard to see them having a social drink or should i say drinks? but then again i feel better as being the desinated driver lol. Not long till christmas then ill start to enjoy the festives lol. i usually drink larger its my favourite! I was recently told about vodka and diet coke, so i moved onto that. Whats is low cal beer? never heard of such, unless im having a blonde moment lol

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
hi, the low calorie beers, are the bottled lager ones. Ones like Amstel and Michelob Ultra, these are around 95 cals a bottle, recently I've found Miller MGD ,64 cals per bottle and now, drum roll please...... Bud Select 55 cals a bottle, oh yes, and it doesn't taste grim !!!!!! Vodka wise at the moment sitting in my freezer, out of sight, out of mind is Smirnoff Lime Twist Vodka,mmmmmm !!!!!!!

So although I rarely drink now, it's nice to know it's there, for when I do !!!!!!
well my weigh in day is every Thursday just because my wii fit says so ;) lmao thats when i started going on the wii fit so my deadline day every 2 weeks is a thursday, but i will personally weigh on there every week :) x

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Well it's Monday again, and that means only one thing.....WEIGH IN DAY for me.....
I was doing soooooo well over the weekend.... Then yesterday evening when Mr Diva was snacking, what did I do .....opened up a pack of those tiny cheesey nibbly biscuits and then ate the whole packet !!!
WTF was that about ???? I was not even hungry I had eaten well and sensibly during the day, it just happened.......grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!
Anyway, confession over, and I have lost one pound this week, I am 215 now......
Well Done Diva :) A pound is better than gaining! I weigh on Mondays today, and im gutted, ive actually stayed the same! I think im going to put it down to no 'bowel movement' I just cant seem to go! eeeeeek!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Thanks CarlaJay I feel like a right old healthy eating Grinch today !!!!! Moaning and groaning about a measly one pound !!!! I never weigh in until I've done a " movement " and peed at least twice, haha !!!! Way TMI !!!!! Drinking Peppermint Tea now and reading some posts on here to keep MOTIVATED !!!!
Sorry about STS that drives me mad too.......
Like youR little piccy..... you look cute, what's in the glass ?????
hahaaa, well at least you tried to weigh lighter lol. eases the mind a bit. I am rather gutted but some things cant be helped. I done bad yesturday though, ended up being picky on rice, weighwatchers bread, taking a slice out of the ham packet! Christ dont know what came over me, i must of been that dissapointed i sts! Oh thankyou its a glas of rose wine. (before i started the diet) lol

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