Extra Easy What do I do now?!


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Hi everyone!
I am new to Slimming World and have been doing the Extra Easy plan this week, with my first weigh in looming tomorrow! Eeeek!
I just wanted some advice on what I do from here on??
Am I right in thinking I now go onto Red/Green days? What changes from the Extra Easy?

Any advice would be great - Thank you in advance!

Charley x
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You can try green and original days if you wish, but it's not compulsory. Many people just follow extra easy for their whole journey. Nothing changes at all, exact same plan. Good luck for tomorrow, I remember how scary my first weigh in was. Let us know how you get on :) x


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i think they suggest you stick to ee for the first 4 weeks. it is up to you through - have a look at the other book in your pack for the other plans. original restricts carbs, green restricts protein and success express restricts nearly everything! you get more healthy extras but potentially need to use the hexbs on things that would be free on ee.

good luck for tomorrow


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You don't need to change to anything, you can stick to EE if you want, but red and green are there for if you choose to change plan. Good luck for your first WI


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You just continue with EE xx like a few others have said, its not compulsary and you can mix and match your plans each day depending how you feel :D I only stick to EE as I have a B12 defiency so I need red meat but I find red days too extreme as I aint really a meat fan hence my defiency lol xx Good luck with your weigh in xx


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Most people just stick with EE.

How did you feel this week? Did EE work for you? I've tried all of the plans and I find EE the most flexible. It's easier to stick to when you're out and about because you're able to mix carbs and protein at meals without weighing. (think steak, jacket and salad) You'd have to have a very small steak or a very small jacket if you were on a red or green day. And they would have to count as a healthy extra!

See how you do at weigh in. If it aint broke, don't fix it :)