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What do you do for exercise?


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Can i be nosy and as what you guys do for exercise. i dont mind exercise but its more finding the time and effort to do it. my excuse's are:
I work 8 hrs a day at nursery (very exhausting looking after a room full of 2-3yr olds)
I also have a little boy who is 11 (nearly 12) Months old.
by the time i finish work, get home play with my son, bath him, put him to bed, make dinner, (watch east enders) have a shower for the following morning...
well i just dont seem to have any time.

i know i am making excuses. but i just cant seem to find the motivation to get my butt in gear and do it

What do you guys do for exercise and how many times a week do you do it?

I have a wii fit (does anyone find this helps tone them up) ?

please motivate me!!!!!
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Hi Tinkerbell
I try and go swimming three or four times a week. When my children were tiny I would take them to the swimming pool nursery for an hour while I had a swim.

Over the last few years I have entered into different things such as the moon walk, climbing ben nevis. I think putting yourself in for a charity event MAKES you train-even if you don't feel like it.

I didn't enter for anything this year, but will do it again next year. It gives me the kick up the bum I need - there are always excuses.

Rosie x


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Hey :) i dont do any formal exercise but i do have a dog that needs walking bless her :) we go once a day (aslong as its dry as we both hate walking in the rain lol) for about 30mins. I have also started doing some core muscle work, takes about 10mins in the morning.


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Try picking up a second hand exercise bike from somewhere - you could advertise at work there's a lotta people out there who use them as clothes horses! Then you could cycle and watch Easties at the same time!

I have a dvd called 30 mins stretch n tone which is really good and for half an hour I think it fits in sometimes even when I'm not all that gung ho about exercising (as I know its only 30 mins!)

How about going for a walk at the weekend on your 'playdays' up a hill with the buggy. Walking with the buggy certainly is good exercise!:)
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Hi Tinkerbell :) I used to do wii fit but got bored with it...A month ago I bought wii sports active and its great! I've just finished my 1st 30 day challenge on it and looking forward to starting it again.
Its done by personal trainers and you get a different workout every time, with 2 days of doing a workout and then a day off.
And the best thing is all the workouts are about 20 minutes long. It has made a HUGE difference to my fitness, and thats in just a month! I was daft and didn't measure myself before I started, but my jeans are looser and my legs have got a great new shape! I'd recommend it to anyone :)


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I used to go to gym 4 x a week for an hour each session, but at present waiting for a broken leg to heal, but once fit enough will go back to gym as find it more addictive than food:D
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I work shifts and have moved bk to my mum and dads so find it more difficult to get in the mood when Im not in my own house and got to think about other ppl again when I was on my own!

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