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What do you do for your WI?


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I am just wondering because my WI is at 5pm on a monday so I tend to make sure I am wearing the same thing each week. For some reason I have convinced myself that all my other clothes will make me gain weight.

For example - how much difference would it actually make if I wore my jeans instead of work pants? Would it really be THAT bad.

It's bizarre what I have convinced myself will sabotage my WI, I have to go for a wee before I WI & most times I don't actually need to.

Is anyone else like this? Please tell me I am not alone......
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My friend weighed her jeans and work pants on her kitchen scales and there was 1lb difference!! So it could make all the difference between a STS and a loss!
I tend to wear the same thing to weigh in each week - just in case :)
Also go for a little sleep cos I know I'll wake up needing a wee!! My weigh in is 7pm, so I get my lad fed then go lie down :)
Most of us have little WI rituals I think LOL


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My wi is 7pm Monday evening. i wear the same line trousers each week and eat very little on wi day.


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My wi is on a morning at 10 am, so I dont eat before WI and i make sure i wear the same kind of clothes, usually leggings and a tshirt, every little helps, right :D


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I do SW alone so I set the scales on the same tile in the bathroom wearing nothing (not a pretty sight mind you!) ~ I do think it would be important to wear the same (or similiar) clothes every week and to eat little on WI day. I always have a red day before WI too as someone said that helps too xx
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I always wear very similar clothes on WI day, and if not I will weigh them before to see what the difference is. I used to really starve myself on WI day, but while I don't do that any more, I am carefull what I eat before. I tend to have a green day the day before as it is sunday and I love my sunday roast with lots of mash, I might try a red day before to see if it makes any difference. I don't think it matters how good you have been we all think we are not going to have lost weight and will do what we can to see that minus result on the scales LOL!


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I just wear what i would usually wear, and that is mostly trainers and jeans. I do tend to have nothing to eat after my lunch and have my dinner after WI at 7!


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I eat very little and all free on weigh in day. I go straight from work at 5.30pm so I tend to wear light clothing to work that day. I alos start preparing for weigh in from the Saturday. I weigh in at Boots and the amount of syns I eat over the next two days depends upon the result of that.

I'm just back ffrom weighing myself and I seem to be only a pound down this week and I'm goingout tonight so I'm expecting a STS this week. As long as I don't gain I'll be happy! :)


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It's been said before, but eating very little is cheating the scales, eat superfree foods instead, and watery foods. I tend to have fruit and yog for breakie, Jacket Pot, Tuna for lunch, and fruit and yogs as normal until 3. My WI is at 5.30, when I'd usually be having my tea, so I have it when I get in. I aslo always drink 2 litres of fluids by 3pm.


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I don't avoid eating on WI day, it's once a week! However, I do try to stick to the same pattern as the previous week, i.e. always have dinner afterwards etc - one week I changed the routine and had my tea beforehand (because I was taking DD with me, usually she stays at my mum's on the day I WI) and I STS (and then I felt I had to keep on with having tea before I went!)


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I wear the same clothes each week, and eat the same food throughout the day. I don't avoid eating though... I'd gove up if I didn't eat one day a week!!!

My last food is an options hot choc and an alpen light at staff meeting, then I go to SW for 7, and get home by about half 8, and eat a a jacket potato when I get back.

I think most people have the same rituals... as has been said, it can make a difference!


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I do SW alone so I set the scales on the same tile in the bathroom wearing nothing (not a pretty sight mind you!) ~ I do think it would be important to wear the same (or similiar) clothes every week and to eat little on WI day. I always have a red day before WI too as someone said that helps too xx
lol! I also do SW on my own and weigh in wearing just my undies! Same as you, I think it defo helps to do a Red day the day before.


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I WI at midday and have the same light breakfast by 7.00 that morning.
I also wear the same clothes every week, I think my Consultant thinks I've only got 1 set of clothes LOL
I have been known to weigh clothes to check if they're ok for WI then decided to stick to the same trousers and top every week.


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I try to eat light on wi day and stop drinking about 4pm when my wi is at 7pm. I always wear the same thing which is my work pants and a light top, not sure what to this week as it a bank hol and would normally wear jeans, may wear work pants and change.
Try not to get to worried about a wi ritual I knew I was taking it too far when I was doing ww and I was weighin myself in different outfits before wi it was making me unhappy, over time all losses will show.

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