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What do you do if you're out ALL day?


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I've got two days work tomorrow and Thursday for an events company, so I'm working for them until 4 on Thursday and then it'll be straight over to my trial shift Thursday evening. So it means that I'll be out from about 6.45am to probably 11pm... the things I do to make sure I afford CD!! It normally isn't like this to be fair, just happens that one of the events clashes, I don't do many. So just wondering what you guys do when you're out all day? They always provide lunch at the events, but as I'm doing SS+ I could just take a chicken salad with me. I think I'm all out of bars though, unless I can see my CDC today... would be a hassle, but she might be able to quickly squeeze me in. But still means fitting in 3 packs, not sure I can have one as early as 6.30! Do you think that 2 bars in a day as a one off would be a problem?
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I think 2 bars would definitely be better than eating.

What I used to do if I didn't have any bars, was to take a pack with me and a small plastic dish and spoon, then add just a little water to it and eat it like a thick yoghurt type thing, it was just like a cake mix in taste lol. Obviously you would need to drink more water to make up for it. Hope this helps x
Can you not take a sports shaker type thing? if you dont have one invest in one!! bout £5. I take this to work with me every single day in the car lool


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Sports shakers are good - I used to take on to school when I was on teaching practice - just make sure you only use cold water in them...

Otherwise can you get some tetras? I don't think that 2 bars would be a big problem though.


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Duh I'm such a dufus!! I have a sports shaker! Will have to use it twice, but could just wash it out somewhere I'm sure.


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I got a shaker from my CDC, it has like a filter bit of plastic in it to break up lumps from the shakes... ive had 2 bars when ive been out, hasnt affected me at all, and its better than going off plan!


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What if I'm going out and they don't sell the shaker here. And I'm not home, and I have to take my shake at the moment, but I dont have a blender. What to do then ????


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You might not be able to get an official CD shaker, but other places sell them. I guess it's either buy a blender or use a whisk or a fork as best you can I guess.


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I finally invested in a blender today and despite the inevitable cartoon like attempt and spilling it everywhere, it's a god send! been using a fork to mix my shakes and putting up with the horrible lumps that i couldn't defeat! was wondering about mixing shakes out and about - i tend to stick to bars and tetras for convenience. that and i get worried of the funny looks if i pull out a sachet of power and mix a drink for lunch in the middle of the office!
everyones tips ahave been a great help! might get me a shaker!

shake, shake, shake...........


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I'm not a fan of the tetras, at all, so my shaker is a godsend, I even use it in the house, I seem to have forgotten about it this week though for some reason!


please try again
i use my shaker at all times. at home, in the car ive even whipped it out at restaurants to make sure ive got something to have at the same time as the others
I suppose at a push, you could wait until you get home to have your last shake. Might be nice to make up say a hot choc mint if you've got one to have before bed.

The thing is, as you're not going to be that hungry (ain't ketosis grand? :D) there's no real need to find a way of fitting all three shakes into the day.

I know that on occasion, when I've been a dufus and forgotten to take CD stuff to work, I've gone without until I got home.

There's so few calories in this stuff, it's not like you absolutely have to have one to keep going, LOL. In my experience, having plenty of water to hand has been more important.

Anyway, don't know why I'm waffling on, cos it sounds like you've already found a solution!
i use my shaker at all times. at home, in the car ive even whipped it out at restaurants to make sure ive got something to have at the same time as the others
I just want to say Claire that you're doing great!!! Just looked at your stats and I must say I'm impressed.

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