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what do you do when you can eat the emotional pain away for a few secs?


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*Title should be
*****What to do when you Cant eat the emotional pain away*****

All my life I have eat for comfort, even as a child.
As most of you know I have two disabled children. My daughter Sophie's condition is life limiting and she is deteriorating before my eyes. :cry:
We are having so many appointments at the moment and have a big one at great ormond street hospital on the 18Th.
I know eating isn't going to help my daughter or my self. But its all I want to do and think about. I cant seem to find any comfort in any thing else. Just want to hide away under my duvet and eat. I know im depressed. All I can see is my six stone coming back again. I know I need to find my fight again against food. Im burnt out and just had enough of life.
Sorry for this guys your all doing so well.
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I dont really know what to say saz to make you feel better. I cant imagine your situation, with 3 young kids of my own my heart goes out to you.
You have come so far to lose 6 stone and I think you will only feel worse if you go back there. You need to be stong for the tough times ahead.
Prayers and :hug99:


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Oh all my thoughts are with you. You are being very brave. I guess you come on here and rant and rant and rant. We won't mind.
Try just hour by hour staying strong and go hide under the duvet if you need to, just try not to with food.
All the best.
Hugs and prayers to you and your family Saz. xxx
Forget about the food now, it's not your priority, but piling on the pounds again won't help you remain strong.
One thing I have learnt in the past year is that no matter how much fat we pile on it doesn't bury the heartbreak.It only makes us feel even worse. It only took me 25 years to get the message...........


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Oh saz
i can't even begin to imagine how you feel - but i do know that if you do turn to food it will make you feel worse in the long run.

have you got another child too?

the rest of your family need you to be strong and healthy - and you owe it to them and yourself, and sophie too to look after yourself.

you must have amazing strength to be going through what you are going through - use some of this strength on yourself,

i imagine you are the one who is strong for others around you, and it must be sooo hard at times to feel like you have anything emotionally/physically left at the end of the day for yourself - but you must look after yourself.

you have done really well so far with your weight loss , when the bad times come use them to become stronger.

i always resort to the bath when i'm tempted to eat, or do some ironing, or even cooking for others i finds really helps, it seems to curb my need to actually eat if i'm preparing food - but i'm sure i don't really need to give you a list of distractions tho as i know this is harder for you than that.

daisy x
Hi Saz

Still thinking of you and your family. Hugs and prayers:wave_cry: XXXX


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Hi Saz, like the others I cannot begin to understand what life is like for you and your family but you must be an amazingly strong person to be dealing with what you have to on a day to day basis and also to have lost all that weight too!

Please don't doubt yourself ... if you lost all the weight then you can continue to do this ... and again as others have said vent on here as much as you like and there will always be someone here to listen.

Have you seen your GP about your depression Saz? If not then you must as things can really really improve on that front which for someone in your position is so so important. As well as medication there are always other avenues such as counselling. I know someone who has been having a hard time for a long time now who has recently been seeing a life coach and it has helped her tremendously.

Sending love & hugs .... keep posting hun especially if it helps.

I can't even imagine how difficult life must be for you at the moment and can imagine the need to take some of the pain away with food must be really high.

What support are you having in all this. Is it possible for you to have some one to one counselling with someone or go to a support groups with other families who may be going through similar sadness. I know talking about our feelings is possibily one of the most therapeutic ways of dealing with them.

You have done so incredibly well with your weight loss and it would be a real shame for you if you felt it all become out of control again.

Please be gentle with yourself and try to find some support. We are also always here for you at any time.

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