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what do you do when you get sick of meat?



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Make some versatile recipes with eggs, chick.
Omlettes, egg mayo and salad, oopsie rolls xx
Fried fish or a cheesy meal works for me.
Im lovin my vegi bake!
just chuck a load of veg together from allowed list.
make a cheese sauce to coat, cover with chedder and grill!
Ive make a dish for 4 days of lunch meals for work.
excuse my ignorance ( and thickness) whats chorizo? what am i missing out on?!


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I have omelettes or some fish. although tbh i dont eat meat every day anyway.
How bout large flat mushrooms stuffed with boursin or philly ? thats filling with some veggies x
Oh i use spicy sausage in mine aswell!!! lolz SNAP! I just call mine sausage tho... no fancy names.. :-S
Im thinking of buying a muffin tray and making some mini quiches.
i used to make a big one but i get bored with the taste! So im thinking of making a mix of some meat and some vegi and some mixed and some with 2 diff cheese.. what u recon?


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great idea Sona - i made a big one and got fed up too!
Ooh like that idea, got a muffin tray, could make some up - would they freeze ok?

Do you just put bacon/veggies in and cover with cream & cheese?


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I just made with eggs and cream and out in cheese and spring onion - it went up like a souffle lol but was way too big. could put philly in that would be nice :D
Mmm, they sound nice. I'm hungry, early lunch for me today I think.
For a big one i used to use about 8-10 eggs ( depending on size)
1 cup double cream and a bit of water for the runny stuff.

2 cups cheese.

whatever u want to put in it.

tiny big of cheese at the bottom, then meat if using then veg.
pour in the egg mix and sprinkle with cheese.. Cook till settles in the middle.

Only problem is that this takes AGES to cook as its quite deep.
The thin one just isnt enough to fill me up.

Im gona go for-
chicken & mushroom
broccli & spinach
2 cheese (cheddar and maybe a mexican cheese need to find the lowest carb) and spring onion.

Ofcourse i also add chilli flakes to my egg mix.. i cant eat bland food its against my religion!! hehe ( joke)
LOL Sona, must be the same as mine, I put chili's in everything. :D
I dont know how people can eat food without chillies!!


Alway see the love x
I get a bright red all over body rash if I eat fresh chilli but fine with dry. Found this out last year doin Atkins. Not a good look I can tell you lol

Woof X
LOL yes, I think you mentioned it then woofy. :)

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