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what do you do with your packs?

i thought we could share different ways people use there packs.

I have alot of shakes hot. I also like tetras with added water to make a tall drink. and I like lots of water in my porriage. because i'm on ss+ now i'm gonna use my soup as a sauce and i want to try my shake with loads of ice when i remember to make the ice cubes.
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I have choc mint shakes blended with a tray of ice and approx 200ml water. Thick long milkshake like creamy slush puppy iyswim. I have Vanilla shakes made with 200 ml chilled strong black coffee and a tray of ice which is heavenly. And I have peanut crunch bars straight from the freezer. And thats it. I do not deviate! No soups, no tetras, no hot drinks. Everything is icy cold and delish!
Peanut crunch bars are gorgeous aren't they. I fine the soups odd if blended but nice if mixed. The oriental chill soup cooks lovely in silicon bun trays-kinda like Chinese dumplings x


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Peanut crunch bars are gorgeous aren't they. I fine the soups odd if blended but nice if mixed. The oriental chill soup cooks lovely in silicon bun trays-kinda like Chinese dumplings x
be aware that u should only 'cook' packs when they are an extra pack due to the destroying of the vitamins and minerals through the cooking process.
this also applies to freezing shakes from the packet (due to the consume within 15 minutes ruling as the vitamins break down) although freezing tetras is fine... and delicious :D
i make 3 little lollies (using a childs lolly-maker) with a tetra and they are gorgeous, just like a chocolate minimilk lolly.
with my bars, i take 3 bars, cut into thirds and take a third of each bar then but into small (revels size) pieces. i then throw them into a small tupperware tub and put in the fridge (along with the other 2 tubs ive made from the remainding 2 thirds of each bar) and then in the evening i grab a tub and have my own little pick and mix revels style treat for munching on whilst i watch tv.
I didn't know that!!! My lady knows what I do and she's not said no. Dam it lol. Oh well. Don't think I can give up my dumplings but I'll reduce them to a treat. Has anyone had trouble with the loo. Sorry for the overshare but I'm drinking loads of water but not much movement!


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ur cdc should know the ruling on cooking packs and should have told u to buy additional packs for them.
with regards to the toilet problems, many people suffer from constipation on cd (me definately being one of them)
u should be taking the fibre suppliments either from ur cdc (i do hope she told u about them) or benefibre (available at many chemists and even a few supermarkets). however, if u r already having problems going u will more than likely now need to take a mild laxative. a good choice is movicol or fibregel as these are effective but gentle.
once u have been to the toilet i would strongly recommend taking the fibre daily.
when i did cd the first time (have done it 3 times over the last 2 years) i had to come off by doctors orders as i hadnt 'been' for 15 days and was told i either come off the diet or be admitted to hospital for 'manual evacuation' :eek:.
i was in agony at that point with my stomach and looked ready to give birth.
so, please, get it sorted sooner rather than later. for the sake of about £6 every 2-3 weeks it just isnt worth the risk of becoming poorly.


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i go every other day or so but it can be hard at times tends to get stuck sorry its tmi
since we are on this very sensitive subject , my doctor gave me some advice on the matter which does help a lot.
when going to the toilet, if u r likely to get 'stuck' apply a small amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly or if u dont have any use a small amount of baby oil or vegetable oil to the opening of the rectum (im very sorry but its the only way to explain :eek:). u can use a clean finger or cotton wool ball.
this will lubricate just enough to help. its not a miracle, it will still be difficult but it does help.
sorry ladies, very graphic but if someone doesnt say the words then we never hear about the remedies :)
I only have tetras and bars now. Tetras I freeze for a lovely thick milkshake (need to get it out of the freezer a couple of hours beforehand)

And I just scoff the bars! ;-)


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i just drink them as normal!!

not too keen on porridge, and didnt like the tetras last time so am going to steer away from them!
Hello! My first post and on week 3 of the diet. Have been on SS all along. Can't get on with the soups, but have a porridge for breakfast and a tetra pack or bar for lunch. With the porridge i have to make sure it's well blitzed!
Evening i'll have another shake. My cdc recommended the choc mint made with hot water - is like a yummy hot choc!
would also recommend blitzing shakes with 4ml water and about 12 ice cubes - is like a kfc krushem!
Will def try the bars in the freezer - will make dinner last longer! :D
Wow I must be the only boring one that just has them normally!! Lol need to try all these things as I'm getting very bored of choc tetra and toffee bar all the time!!

restart 04/05/11 week 1 = 9 stones 7 -- week 2= 9 stones 5 -- week 3= 9 stones 3

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