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What do you do with yours?

hey girls and boys..

in reference to a thread i posted last week about what to use a tom base for my pizza.. i know have another Q lol.

Im making it tonight because i gained 3.5 lbs this week, - shock horrer i know lol- and i had already organised a take away night with come other coupley friends.. so am making it from tesco pizza mix, 10.5 syns, but will proberly half it and make some sw chips to bulk it out for less syns..

so now i know what to use on my pizza for a base, what do i put on it :O LOL.

is it wishful thinking hoping peperonie's free?! :D haha.

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NOT pepperoni haha

Chicken bacon ham pineapple mushroom and red onion, and use those little mozarella pearls and HEX them for your cheese!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
What about an extra easy day and that way you could put on all sorts! Chicken, ham, peppers, sweetcorn, onions, Quorn sausage, spices etc.
I always do syn free pizza I posted a picture and instrutions on here

And it was sin free and I enjoyed every bite

I posted this in recipes a while ago

I use a wholemeal roll halved HEb, I fry some onions add herbs and chopped tomatoes, reduce it down till its like pizza topping, I then spoon it on the bread top with a bit of mozzarella HEa the remainder of the sauce can be frozen or do the same for the rest of the family (white bred if desired) pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes. sin free pizza 2 HE's.

The one above has mushroom on it
Hve you tried the Smash pizza base instead??? All my family prefer this to an actual base.
Just mix smash until its quite firm, spread thinly on a sprayed (frylight) baking tray, spray a bit of frylight on top and whack in oven until crispy, turn over half way through.
I then heat up a bit of passata mixed herbs and garlic (tomato base), then sprinkle over, choped mushrooms, onion, peppers, sweetcorn, (bacon if on EE day) 7 green olives 1 syn and an allowance of cheese.
Stick back in oven until cheese melted and golden...delicious!
Its really nice!
OMG there's a job for someone who's got too much time on their hands! LOL!

I've tried the smash pizza - it's not the same but it does work! :)

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