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what do you do....


Violet is shrinking
whats everyone do at christams? do you give up the xenical for the day or for christmas eve,christmas day and boxing day?

i saw all the tins of chocolates on offer in asda today, im not having any tins this year,or tins of biscuits..im being a meanie ;)
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Good question. I'm feeling good at the moment so I intend to keep taking the blueys and only have the boiled vegetables and turkey but come the day that will probably all change. On the chocolate front, Tescos have Roses on offer, a large tin for £5. Guess who bought 2 tins - not me but my hubby. I wonder how long before he opens them?? I can manage without chocolate but I am missing my salted cashew nuts and eggs.:cry:
last year i stopped the tablets 2 days before christmas until just after new years...
i had a week inbetween where i stills tuck to the diet, but just didnt take the tablets...
i sts over december which i was happy about, as i had loads to drink and eat over the christmas days and also new years we were out with friends at there place in kent for 3 days so ate rubbish...

totally up to you though.... you can make christmas dinner xenical friendly... and you can still enjoy it..
i remember last year making sure everything i had was xenical friendly apart from the christmas pud which was 8%. i felt so proud...
so i prob could have still taken my tabs over that time.... just not new years because that would have been messy
I will stick on xenical, it's a lifestyle change forever for me and not a 'diet' each to their own but I will be a good girl ;-)
I agree that this is a lifestyle change, but it is also a journey. And Christmas is a time to enjoy, so I intend to just stop my tablets for Christmas Day and maybe even Boxing Day (depends on Christmas plans). On them days I will eat a nice roast dinner with the trimmings but try and not go mad. It's only 1 day of the year.
Saying that, I'm asking Santa for a new slim body this year, so maybe I'll wake up Christmas morning and never needing to diet again! ;)

lol love it...
i hope santa brings it to you. but remember he is only giving out presents to good boys and girls!
Tht rules me out from santa list then ;-)
yes this also does for me too....
but what ive done is got some blue tac... and stuck that halo back up!!!


Violet is shrinking
blue tac never worked for me,had to use no nails lol!

i think im going to be taking the xenical as usual..i dont eat meat so its all about the veggies for me...will miss the christmas pudding and custard though :( i dont drink anymore so i wont be missing that...oh i can almost smell the roses tin, strawberry creams :drool:
going to take some serious restraint to deny myself those :D
oh yes. im with you on the strawberry ones!!
everyone else hates them... so i love it!!!!!!

you can get lower fat chrissy puds... so im sure you could maybe get away with it..
and if you make the custard with skimmed milk, im sure you could be ok....
what we did last year is have chrissy dinner for lunch, then for dinner about 4ish hours later we had chrissy pud... so kinda a meal in itself.. if you get what i mean.


Violet is shrinking
ooh the strawberry creams and the orange creams are my favourites..ooh and the caramel cups :17729:

i was at the checkout yesterday and this woman had a tin of roses,and celebrations and i just wantched them go along on the conveyor belt lol!
i might just buy myself a little box and take out the creams and give the rest away or maybe i should just lock myself away for christmas lol!

great idea on the pudding!! i should be ok,as i never go over the allowances so if i work it right i should be able to have it,or i could work out the calories and work them off he he
I think it's important to remember that this is a "journey" too and Christmas is one day of the year. I'm not saying go wild and eat everything but if you deny yourself all the time then you will start to resent a diet and give in.
When I was going on holiday I was a bit apprehensive about stopping Xenical, as I was doing so well I didn't want to loose the momentum. But I spoke to my B/F about it as well as my doctor and decided to stop the tablets whilst away. As my boyfriend put it, when you get back from the holiday you know you HAVE to go back to work, so if you know from the outset that you HAVE to re-start the diet then you will always do it. Similar to Christmas, if you allow yourself 1 day to have a few treats and make that clear in your mind before hand, then you probably won't stray from that.

I guess everyone has different thoughts and opinions really. :)



Violet is shrinking
it seems we're all a bunch of soft centers then :D


Violet is shrinking
I think its a bit easier for me as,i dont eat meat or fish etc, so i wont be having the prawn cocktail or the meat with sauces etc...i always have a pile of veg on my plate, pots,sprouts,runner beans,cabbage or cauliflower i love it. i dont have gravy although i do like a bit of bread sauce and onion sauce. :)

this is the first time ive really,really wanted to change (for different reasons) i wonder if i had 1 or 2 sweets,would i think to myself ' theyre only so many calories,hardly anything one more wont hurt' then i wonder if i'd just eat the whole lot...like ive started so i might as well finish lol!! i think i'd be gutted of i put loads of pounds on...

i might just settle with a slice of vienetta :D
mmmmmmm yum vienetta!!


Violet is shrinking
omg Kes! you were pretty anyway, but in your after pic, youre stunning!!!!

good for you Kes! :D
im not there yet.. still got more to go but im pretty chuffed with how things are going.

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