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what do you do...........


Rebel without a calorie
I stir fry chicken prawns and mushrooms with butter, chilli flakes and garlic. I can always eat that lol. But tbh it's never that I've lost my apetite, more that I can't be bothered with cooking and clearing it up. My kitchen is in permanent need of a good scrub even when I've spent half of Sunday doing it. Atkins is very messy as I cook virtually everything from scratch. Failing that a bag of Hellishly Hot pork crunch sees me right :D


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great advice Lisa.
I find if im not hungry a glass of wine makes me peckish ;)
thanks girls :)
maybe i'm not being creative enough,as i'm usually worrried i'll mess it up
and waste the ingredients,so i don't try.
If I'm not hungry I don't eat. simples
I really had to force myself to eat my tea last night too hun, I made my first mim and it filled me so much that when it came to tea time I didn't want anything. I had one chicken breast stuffed with cheese garlic & herbs. I generally don't like to eat after 7pm so ate it as I knew come 8, 9 o'clock I would be hungry!

Jools xx
That's what they say on Atkins, but there were times I wasn't hungry and just ignored that recommendation lainey ;)
feel i have to too jim,otherwise i seem to argue with myself,saying that i shouldn't eat if not hungry !
i guess thats something ingrained in us that people are always telling us"well don't eat if your not hungry"
so i think i'll go with it.:)
I know, but I always felt I ate a lot on Atkins, still do come to that, so if I'm not hungry it's no big deal really
i think i won't think too much about it lol
as long as when i do have something it's the right stuff,i'll be ok.

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