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what do you do???

Oh dear, I think we have all been there, I lost 3 stone through SW and just stayed there for over a year, now I have shaken things up it is going down again but it is amazing how much dieting is about mindset as well as food and exercise.

Sometimes I have found rereading success stories from old copies of slimming magazines to help, also the inspirational slide show here on MiniMins is a good boost. Other times I get out my cookbooks and start planning or write down all the good things I am looking forward to doing as my weight drops and my confidence rises.

Morgenmuffel x
I have been there I was 12st when I started ww years ago lowest weight has been 9st 5 took a long time but got there been up and down for months and months joined for the millionth time 4 wk ago and done shocking lost 2 put 4 on ( was on hol ) lost 3.5 and tonight put a lb on totally and utterly peed off only thing u can do is grit your teeth and stick it out tmw is a new day I often feel that I am destined to be on a diet for the rest of my life my target is 8st 11 I am more eager now so just think I aren't letting it get the better of me!!!!
i used to be over 14 stones after the birth of my daughter and it took a while to get my weight down, pre pregnancy i was a small size 10, wasn't a size 8 because i couldn't get my thighs into them ( too much muscle,lol) but after the birth i was determined to get my weight back down to about 9 stone and i kept losing a couple of stone and then putting a bit back on, my daughter is now 7 and i've just managed to get below 10 stone for the very first time since her birth, whats different? i have left my husband and i'm now more determined and much much happier than i have ever been and now i truly believe i can do this. My advice to use is to take a good look and see if there is something that is troubling you or that is holding you back, secondly i love reading other peoples success stories it really gives me a lift to see someone else succeed and thirdly i had some jeans that were too small for me which i was determind to get into which i now have.hope i've not bored you too much
i really hope you lose the weight and good luck !!!!
My advice to use is to take a good look and see if there is something that is troubling you or that is holding you back

Totally agree!

For me, i have begun carrying a photo i have from when i was at my happiest weight to spur me on i'm feeling low or overly tempted to give up! I find this reminder helps. Also someone in class recommended that for each pound you lose, put a pound in a jar you can see in to and when it starts mounting up you will realise how much your losing. My class leader has a different idea though. As it is approaching christmas she has set a challenge whereby i carry a little money bag with dried pasta in it. My bag has 14 pieces in it as i want to lose a stone by christmas. Each week, when i have a loss i take the same number of pasta shells out the bag as pounds that i have lost. I keep mine in my purse so i have it with me most of the time. Its a great positive reminder and good when setting yourself small goals.

Good luck

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