What do you do?


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What do you do if you are invited out for a meal or in a position where you can't have a shake?

Do you all just eat sensibly or do you not put yourself in that position?
I have let my social life go down the pan...I have just declined many invites. Ive been doing this diet with a friend but she continued with her life however has struggled very much so to stick to it. She just can't say no/let people down.

Me...well I really want this. Its costing time and effort. The sooner it is over with the better. I cant wait to start eating healthily and changing habits.

Plus..its cold out so its been a perfect time of year to decline everything! cant put off the social events much longer eek!! Its getting to the party season!

Have been on holiday whilst CDing. I tried to eat anything that was followed the CD790. e.g. tuna and salad. Also restricted my portions.
Have a shake before you go? Say you have eaten? When I was on holiday during the day I would sit with friends while the breakfasted/lunched and have a water...tip in the shake when the waiter werent looking!!! hahaha
Or have lots of black coffee. I was in ITALY!! the land of beautiful food. But the coffee was good too :)
When invited out for a meal by a guy, I just said i would already have eaten... the other time.. a different guy, I told him I was on a diet.. but that was the first week.

When mates have invited me along for a meal i've sat there and watched or met them afterwards.... I've never taken a shake or soup with me.. this friday is my old works xmas party.. i'm going along after they've eaten.. if I go at all that is!
Yeah I think that is what I would do as I don't want to not do the plan.

To be honest don't go out much as I have a one year old anyway :)
I asked about this when I started too. I've been out about three times for meals and have eaten but been very very careful and have tried to push the food around to look as though am eating more than I am. My real problem is sticking to things in my own kitchen....
I have taken my soup to restaurants (where I was well known!!) and asked them to serve it to me with everyone else's main course then had a bar as pud! Always asked for jug of iced water on the table - and had black coffee at the end of the meal. My boyfriend use to joke I was a cheap date to take out for a meal!

Use to go to a brilliant curry house in Bradford where they knew me really well - and they did this for me and then the manager went on the diet as well as he'd seen how well I'd done!
If meeting up with friends,then I have arrived late - "so sorry, don't let me ruin the evening, just carry on - so sorry, taxi was late, double booked and all that" soooo sorry
What do you do if you are invited out for a meal or in a position where you can't have a shake?

Do you all just eat sensibly or do you not put yourself in that position?

I'm off to a Christmas Party tonight. I'll be eating low-carb. Eat salads and protein ....
Id say stick to the diet by whatever means are necessary. Remember you do have to be selfish on VLCD sometimes - NEVER eat just to please other people or to avoid their disapproval. Its only a few months out of your life after all, and tyo get it over with as quickly as possible was always my goal.
Ann x
I knew I was due to go to a social event in my fourth week so after consulting my councillor we moved AAM forward one week and I had a good night.
No starter, duck breast with the skin removed for main and just the green veg. followed by a meal bar for dessert.
I drank two whole jugs of water during the meal then went onto Gin and SLT with a pint of water with each one.
At the end of the week I had lost 5lbs.
This was the only time I went out until I was on the maintenance plan then you can have more flexibility.
It is a small time in your life on the big scale of things so be focussed if you can and look forward to the good times ahead its so much more fun being fit and healthy.