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What do you eat before weigh in?

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I must confess that I don't eat anything on weigh in day, the only thing I have is a cup of coffee in the morning.

I've tried to get out of this cycle but all it takes is a bad week or one were "I just want to loose an extra pound" etc and I'm back doing it again.

What do you all eat on weigh in day?
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Hi Clareel
I used to do this last time I went to sw. This time tho I made myself go to a morning class as it was so unhealthy doing what I was and all thru the meeting u could hear my tummy rumbling :-D I was known for it! So I don't have time to starve now!
Can totally understand why u do tho, especially after a bad week... Only prob is if u at some point did eat thru the day then have a sts or gain you'd feel disheartened.
More realistic tho and u won't nearly faint on the scales! :0) xx


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Hi there, I WI at 6pm on a tuesday and i have a cooked breakfast or weetabix and then a salad for lunch with tuna,salmon or ham and then no more until after WI i dont drink anything after 4pm either but i couldnt go all day without anything because i find i get full of air so to speak;)


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What do you eat before weigh-in?

Just a bit of dust...


Seriously, when I went to class, I was terrible for eating nothing all day, and even stopping drinking water at 1pm - really mental, but I couldn't help it :eek:

Much better if you just eat lightly, but regularly throughout the day...
S: 16st8lb C: 13st4.6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 3st3.4lb(19.57%)
Thanks guys I know it's much better to eat don't think i'm kidding myself that this is the best thing to do because I know it's not :(

I just can't seem to break the habit. I often work shifts on a monday from 0730 - 1530 where I don't always get an opportunity to eat anyway, or today for example I've been in the library from 7am finishing coursework.

I might try next week to just have something light and then expect a maintain maybe.
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I have a small cooked breakfast, then for lunch maybe a glass of milk and a cereal bar, but then only drink water until WI at 6.30pm :)


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I have breakfast and lunch as normal, although i may have a lighter lunch than prev days, and maybe some fruit in the afternoon, then have dinner after WI, i usually take some fruit with me for nibbling on at class if i am hungry...

I dont think it's healthy to go without food all day prior to wi x


I have a decent breakfast (2 egg omelette, tinned tomatoes & 2 wholemeal toast) and mug of tea about 11am then thats it till 5pm when I've been weighed - I will have a drink of water if I need one but definitely not after noon!


Always trying!
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When i used to get weighed in an evening I would have cereal for breakfast , a light lunch - ryvita's and LFC cheese and not drink anything after 2pm. I tried to break the habbit and not be so worried about it but I just couldnt! :sigh:

I've now switched to a 9am class on a Saturday so I shall get myself to class and have breakfast once i get home after i've been weighed :D
S: 16st8lb C: 13st4.6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 3st3.4lb(19.57%)
I think a morning class would be the answer but I love my class and would really hate to have to change it.

I'll just see how I go for now. I know it's not the healthiest option but I've got to say my tea on a Monday night after weigh in is always the most amazing meal of the week after not eating all day lol!


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I'm pretty much the same as everyone else I weigh at 7pm and breakfast and lunch (probably lighter than normal) as usual and then dinner when I get home! I drink loads on a normal day so I don't on weigh day just enough to keep me hydrated. You know if you had breakfast and small lunch I bet it wouldn't even make the slightest bit of difference!
S: 16st8lb C: 13st4.6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 3st3.4lb(19.57%)
Thanks guys I might try it next week. It's not the first week of doing that scares me though it would be say 3 weeks down the line when I'd had a night out at the weekend and didn't want to gain then it would all start again!

Hmmm I need to have a think about this one...
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My weigh in is in the evening around 6:30-7pm, so i have my breakkie, lunch and thats it until after weigh in. Last week i went to a morning class as it was half term and i didnt have to work. Must admit i didnt even have a drink before i left for weigh in let alone breakkie..silly really.


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i wi at 5pm and have a large breakfast but would have ss foods like beans on 1 slice of toast and a large slice of mellon,at lunch just a cup of tea thats it till wi.i try to eat the same foods every thursday and were the same clothes( a bit weird i no but its just my way)i just think that eating something different or a little later in the day it could mean a gain so i stick to the same routine each week.


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Hi clareel, why dont you just try to introduce one meal at a time or have a hi-fi bar etc. for breakfast and see how you go.


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this subject crops up on minis time after time, and it always leaves me staggered that some people eat nothing on weigh day - especially when the weigh ins are in the evening.

I need to beat you all with some sticks and knock the sense back into you!!!

I speak from experience, as a serial weigher at home, and also a person who used to eat an alpen light bar and a can of pop ONLY on weigh days (back with good ole WW!!! haha) it does you no good in the long run.

Mentally, you think 'if i dont eat, it will make me lighter' and in theory thats true - you wont be taking in the 'weight' of the food, be that pasta, salad or whatever. BUT - your body needs fuel to burn off calories, if it suddenly has no fuel it wont be working properly and your metabolism will start to mess about wondering what the heck is going on.

So my advice is to break this habit......just get a good week under your belt and eat lightly on weigh day. Maybe dont have a cooked brekkie followed by a 3 course lunch and a bottle of wine (see i am humourous as well as informative!!) but eat normally!!!! Then you may maintain, or just lose half a pound - but the cycle will be broken.

I bet as well, once you get in from weigh in you turn into the cookie monster and scoff all sorts as you are on the verge of fainting due to the starving in the day??? I know i used to be like that....which is then a vicious circle cos the next day you are waking up thinking - well, my loss is going to be hindered by last nights eating.....!!!!

Just my thoughts on the matter anyway - i hope some of it makes sense, i just hate to think of people doing SW and starving - its not that sort of eating plan and should be a way of life for when you get to target!! (i mean when you are at target will you not eat for one entire day? nooooooo!!!! so why start now!!!)

Much love, EB x **jumps off soapbox**

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