What do you eat on WI day?


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Had a quick look around for another thread on this, but didn't have much luck.

So... What do we all eat on the day of Weigh In?
I am unlucky in that mine is at 5.45pm! I am a re-starter, and before I would starve myself on Thursdays, all but a cup of coffee in the morning to get me out of bed.

I know that this was really, really unhealthy, but I got into the habit and was terrified that eating would affect my result on the scales.

However, since restarting, I have been more healthy. Before my first WI last week, I had a full days worth of food. And today I have had some Pepsi max and a bacon butty. I will probably have a light lunch before uni and WI too!

What do my lovely SW buddies eat on their weigh day?
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I weigh in at 5.30 so I never have my evening meal before I go.
I don't starve myself but I wouldn't have a huge lunch.
I either have weetabix or porridge with fruit for breakfast and then ryvita and cottage cheese, or a salad of some kind, with fruit and yoghurt to follow OR I have a great big cooked breakfast and then just some fruit mid afternoon as it's all I need.
I never ever have a cuppa past 3pm though. Odd but it's what I do!


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I usually have the following...

Breakfast - porridge and milk and banana.
Lunch - soup or mugshot and a small salad, and a muller
Mid afternoon - Fruit.

My weigh is at 7pm so I need the fruit to see me through til then.

I try to avoid drinking too much though! xx


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I'm lucky in that I weigh in at 9.30, so I have half a cup of coffee and a banana , then eat normally for the rest of the day.


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I am really lucky as I now do SW at home as I can not afford to go to group so it is not problem with food consumption as I do first thing in the morning


my WI is between 7.30-8pm
I'm at work til about 5 and since i've started i'd always had something before getting weighed because by the time i get home its 9pm

however because my weightloss hasn't been great i'm thinking i might just have lunch then maybe a bit of fruit mid afternoon before getting weighed


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i eat like normal although i avoid having my tea before WI - its at half 5. only problem with that is i go straight to work after and don't get home until after 10 so im usually quite hungry. not the best time to be eating i know..


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I weigh in at 10am in the morning, so it isn't really an issue for me, but I have a drink first thing and take an alpen light bar and a banana with me for after weigh in

Helen xxx


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Hi I weigh in at 5.30 and I am glad to see that we all limit our drinks & food, I thought I was the only one x

B: m/l yog & fruit
L: small salad or ryvita & LC light

I always feel bloated on WI - must be psychological :0)

I am alot more relaxed about it this time round though - whoop whoop
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