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What Do YOU Eat Raw???

Back in the 80's, hubby and I got very enthusiastic about Leslie and Susannah Kenton's books about "Raw Energy".

So we started eating many items raw. I come from a very conservative family - I don't think that my own mother ever ate a mushroom of any sort in her life, in case it was a poisonous toadstool!!! I was really SHOCKED when I first read about many of these items - I'd never even COOKED some of them, let alone eaten them raw!

We now regularly eat raw broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn-on-the-cob, chinese leaves, mooli (like mild radish), spinach, courgettes, bean sprouts, leeks, mangetout, sugar snap peas (windy!) mushrooms, and, when we used to grow them, baby squashes and baby beetroots!

If you add a selection of these to your 'normal' salad - lettuce, tomato, watercress, chicory, carrot, celery, onion, peppers, radish and cucumber, it adds a huge variety of textures, colours and flavours to your meal. They are cheap when in season, bulky, take longer to chew, are very filling, and best of all are Superfree!!!

My favourite at present is leeks, which give a lovely, mild (well, nearly always mild - they do vary!) onion flavour to salads, much nicer - and cheaper - in my opinion than spring onions, which can be overpowering!

We've eaten these regularly over the last 20+ years with no ill effects, so why not give them a go?

If YOU have any unusual salad ideas, please do post them, so that we can all have a try!!!

With apologies to all you vegetarians out there, to whom this is common sense - and also to Starlight...!!!
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The raw vegetables that I eat are...

Baby spinach leaves
Mange Tout
Fresh peas
Baby corn on the cob
Baby close cap mushrooms

This is as well as all salad ingredients, and pickled vegetables.

I enjoy them...
Hi Donnie, just read out your list to hubby, but when I got to 'swede', he reckons you've got better teeth than him!

I've never used it raw - cook it all the time though, got 3 here at the moment! Do you grate it? I can't wait to try!


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The only veggies I eat raw are the usual - celery, lettuce leaves, cucumbers, salad onions - that sort of thing. Carrot batons occasionally and all fruits, I never cook fruit.

The thought of eating broccoli or cauliflower raw just doesn't appeal. Is it very bland?

Mrs V

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I shred them and eat mine as a coleslaw, so everything gets grated and mixed with some extra light mayo!
Hi Vixxter - I don't find broccoli or cauliflower bland when raw. I think they have MORE flavour that way. Just break them into small florettes - you don't want huge pieces.

Why not give them a try next time, or use Mrs V's idea?


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I love raw broccoli, and cauliflower, cabbage, sugar snap peas, carrots, ordinary peas, peppers, the list goes on... and OMG.... shredded raw beetroot in a salad. Heaven.
When I was a child I wouldn't eat any vegetables cooked, apart from potatoes, but I would always eat them raw. When I got older and found out how things should be cooked, and that vegetables didn't have to be cooked to death, I started to like them cooked.

But I still like lots of things raw - when I am preparing veg for cooking I often pinch little bits, even potato. I was surprised to read on the packaging of some runner beans recently that you aren't supposed to eat them raw. My mum never let me go down the garden to pick them for the kitchen because she knew I would eat them all before I got back!

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