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What do you find easier?

Im not a great meat lover so I much prefer green days. I find that I'd rather have more pasta or potatoes with a meal than a plateful of meat. I think I feel fuller on a green day as well so that helps!


Intuitive Eater
I think green days help you feel fuller - the thought of unlimited pasta and potatoes to many people who have been on diets or carb restriced diets, is food heaven! I think there is more variety with green too. At the end of the day it's all about personal choice though and what sort of meals you prefer. :) I love Italian food, so green was always perfect for me.


Champion actifryer
I've just started to mix and match, but I'm not sure whether it works. What does anyone else think?

As for green or red, I prefer green when I'm at home and red when I'm away from home, which is just about every weekend. I find it's so much easier to eat red when out & about. I also find I prefer red in summer - barbecues are so much easier, especially with so many people doing Atkins these days (well they are over here in France, anyway)


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I think green is easier too but it doesn't agree with me so I tend to do 3 or 4 green days at the start of my dieting week then finish on red. I really struggle finding meals on red so although I call it "red" it tends to be neutral. Quorn sausages, eggs, fruit & yogurt etc..

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