What do you get when you join?

I wonder if anyone can advise me please?

I'd really like to join WW and try the new Propoints but money is tight and I feel guilty spending on me :eek:

I have a voucher from the Daily Mail for free registration and 1st meeting :D but wondering what you get at your 1st meeting.

Last time I joined, it was Discovery plan and it seemed about 6 weeks before I had got all the various bits and bobs I needed to fully understand and do the plan.

Can anyone tell me if it's the same now?

Many thanks! ;)
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I think you get enough on the first meeting to give it a go. You get a blue folder with the wheel. If you can justify the calculator then you'd be fine to go along collect your stuff and just buy that. The only thing I have got in the second week is a little magazine type thing.


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Have to agree with pp. I went to the first meeting to try and get my head around it and then subscribed online. I don't think really that the paperwork they give you is massively helpful anyway but that's jmo!

it's worth going to pick up a calculator, find out your point allowance and get a basic understanding. After that i think these forums will be able to help you with whatever you need x
Thank you for the replies!

Maybe I'll pop along tomorrow and hope to pick up enough info to make a start........it seems rude not to use the voucher :D


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I signed up online, it's wayyyyyy cheaper; £10.95 a month, and there's a deal on now, which is even cheaper than that LOL, plus I pref typing in what I want to look up in the tracker rather than buy yet another book, in case they decide to change the points again
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I signed up on line and I don't think you get anything to hold in your hands. I like the iPhone app and the online stuff but I like to look through books aswell. I might buy some on eBay.


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if you'd rather getting all the information in hand and down on paper definitely go to a meeting, for free you've got nothing to lose really! :) and at least then you can pick up the bits and bobs you need and then scarper ;) xx
Thank you for all the replies - sorry my "thanks" button has gone awol ;)

I went along and joined (just to get the info really) and gave it a week and found I really liked PP so I went back the next week and signed up for a monthly pass :D