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What do you guys do.........


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doo it :) :p pasta and sauce is free so whatever..

better than somethin actually naughty hey!


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I eat!!

Mostly fruit and yoghurt but if i want anything else that's free but not superfree then I'll have it. I try to have superfree snacks though.

Good to see you again, you haven't been around much lately.xx


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If you're hungry eat more. But maybe give it short time cause sometimes the hunger goes as body registers the food.

I recently started to eat lots of smaller meals through the day - usually 6!!! I eat at 6am (something like a banana or apple), then 7.30, 9.30, 11.30, 2.30, 4.30 and 7!! My meals are usually something like; 2 weetabix with milk and a SS berry for breakfast, youghurt with fruit mid morning, a proper lunch (but smaller than I used to), afternoon snack and then a proper dinner (but I have a piece of toast when I get home to stop me snacking).

Seems to work - never usually hungry these days! :) x

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I feel like I am constantly grazing through the day on things like fruit and Mullerlite yoghurts. Have discovered how delicious corn on the cob is cooked and eaten cold as a snack on a Green Day!!!


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I reach for fruit first, if I'm still hungry after that I eat WW Dessert FF yogurts (all free except the lemon cheesecake, its 0.5 syns)


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have to agree with most of the others, it's mullerlites, bananas, alpen lite usually


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Protein! I think if you eat a meal without protein, you leave yourself open to the munchies very soon after. So maybe try incorporating some lean protein with your meals to fill you up. A protein snack is very satisfying if you're still hungry - a hard boiled egg, tin of sardines, a few slices of quorn on ryvita.

It's tempting to reach for something sweet when you get the nibbles, but I've found that protein hits the spot much quicker, and that sweeter treats make me hungrier in the long run.


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What Iris says is true you should have some form of protein with every meal (as a Hex for example) it does mean you get hungry less quickly. The other thing, as some of the others have said, is to wait a little while till your dinner "goes down" give it 10 minutes or so then if you are still hungry have more pasta and sauce if that's what you want. i usually have a snack evry 3 hours as it's around then your blood sugar starts to fall and having a snack (something like fruit and plain yogurt mixed) keeps your blood sugar even and stops cravings :)


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I have fruit or mullerlight usually :)

I know you from somewhere ;) x