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what do you like?

i am thinking of changeing over from LT to cd.i would like to have your feed back on what shakes,bars you like/dislike.i am still on lt till monday and the only shakes i like are the chocolate ones.
im thinking of changeing because i was told on monday that i should be drinking 4-6 pts of water a day.i struggle to get 3-3 1/2 a day.do not like black tea or other teas.im hoping that the milk/tea on cd will count towards my water intake.thanks for reading,hope you are all well.x
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I like the veg soup - the oriental chilli made me gip each time I tried it. Cranberry bar is ace. I have started on the tetras now and only had the strawberry but I make it up to a pint with cold water - and its nice

Good luck


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You also have to drink simmilar amount of water on CD hun!
It flushes all the toxins left over burning your fat!
Tea doesn't count towards your daily liquid intake. You have to drink at least 4 pints of WATER a day on CD. Sorry :(

TBH I don't understand how people struggle with the water, there must be something wrong with me, but I have a dry mouth the whole time I am on CD. I drink at least 3 litres/6 pints a day, sometimes more! On Monday I worked from home and being so close to the loo empowered me, I was sipping water all day and think I got to 4.5 litres by bedtime!


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I drink a pint of water when I get up and then another about 10am, third one after or with lunch and then the 4th one around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. This way I don't struggle with drinking the minimum amount though the day. Anything else on top is a bonus.
i fill a 2ltr and a 500 ml bottle up every morning, as long as i drink all that then any extra i have is a bonus

As for flavours everyone is different, i live on choc mint hot, a couple of soups and i like all bars except peanut best thing would maybe get 1 of each to try and see if you like them, if you dont like one then at least you have no more of that flavour and then can stick to what you like
I more or less enjoy all the CD products (what does that say about me and food?!). There is so much to choose from - I am sure that you will find your own favourites. You could ask the CD consultant to put together a 'variety' pack on your first week, with a bit of everything - unless you already know that there is a flavour that wont appeal.

At the momment, the oriental chilli soup is something that I don't order but I have liked the occasional one in the past. Tastebuds change for some people, so I might well want this flavour sometime in the future.

Good Luck!
I love spicy tomato, oriental chilli soups. Don't mind chicken+mush and veg. Hot choc mint and cold vanilla with ice and coffee in it. Love making mousses from vanilla with a dab of orange flavouring. Peanut and cranberry bars all the time, don't mind the choc bar, but find all the soft ones too artificial tasting.
Word of caution, i ordered all the flavours one week, only to discover i didn't like many of them, and hated some (porridge...eughh!) so then stuck with a load of stuff i didn't want. Its ok if you can get back to your cdc quick so she can swap or you can buy more supplies, otherwise you end up losing out. Best to try a flavour or two at a time, or get new ones in addition to the ones you know you like. I've heard that many people swap and prefer it...Mind you, i've also heard that the stuff is manufactured by the same company so who knows. Good luck xx
thanks for all the replies,i wish i was like a lot of you on here,water does not seem a problem.the cdc im seeing on monday has already told me that if i drink 4pints of plain water then the other 2 pints would be ok in tea.also i will try and have a mixed 1st week of items and then stick to the ones i like.hope to join in with you more on tuesday,so until then i will just be reading the threads.bye for now.


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I think you should double check on the water amount being made up with tea drinking. The last thing you need is to start again on CD and not losing alot of weight due to not enough water. Try calling a different CDC just to compare what they say.


please try again
im with mrs essex on this one, choc mint shakes aplenty in this house. i have 2 as shakes and a daily choc mint mousse, lol


running strictly on fat!
See, aren't we all different? Chocolate mint doesn't do it for me. Vanila and butterscotch anytime purrrrlease xxx
I LOVE Oriental Chilli, and like Vegetable and poridge, and tried most shakes, and love the hot choc the most. I hated Spicy Tomato and
Broccoli and Cheese (Discontinued).

Tastebud might change, I use to like apple poridge but now can't stand it, I find it too sweet.
lol! Im with sumayyah and mrs essex on this, i lurvvvvvvveee choc mint! its all i have, i find its the only one that doesnt taste too minerally- if that makes sense. I also have the plain choc bar, in microwave for only a few secs, and the choc melts and bar goes a bit goey ... OMG i love it!!!!!!! am going to have to have one tonight. This is my new fav! but i like all the bars xx


running strictly on fat!
I also have the plain choc bar, in microwave for only a few secs, and the choc melts and bar goes a bit goey ... OMG i love it!!!!!!! am going to have to have one tonight. This is my new fav! but i like all the bars xx
That sounds YUMMY!!!

Following your example I am going overindulge myself tonite then xxx
ohhhh- your all making me jelous! lol! i should have had some control and waited a bit! as soon as i walked through the door at 5 it was gone! lol! you have to be really careful not to over do it else it burns, take it out every few secs to check it.... xxxxx

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