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What do you miss most?

rainbow brite

I'm not going to be able to partake in this thread as I'm feeling particular weak on the food-resistance front right now :(


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Mmmm mine was freash crusty bread! x


want to mini
have you been resisting this week?
when is your weigh in?


want to mini
I admit to having a couple small bits of chicken, in my defense its that time again, plus the job i went for is looking very unlikley as i was defined as a bit reserved, so feeling a bit fed up.:sigh:
Bread, fish, chocolate (twixs & reeses peanut chocolate) & richmond sausages.


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Woohoo Lise my fave word!! lol xx
cake!! and any sugary goods! oh my god how i love sweet food!! lemon cheesecake apple pie and thick cream BUISCUITS eclairs chocoalte cake and sort of chocolate...i need to stop talking about sweets.....hmmmm <33333
Oooh I'm with you chicken fajitas!

Definitely missing savoury can't stand the LT chicken soup!


Eloquent hooligan
im really happy....

I actually quite happy that over the week or so when I do think about food I am thinking about the nice healthy foods I am going to eat... like salmon, brocolli, etc.

I hope by the end of my LT journey that I still focus on these foods... I dont think I want to eat takeaways again incase i get readdicted!!!



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OMG PIZZA!!! You have no idea how hard it was not to just order one online earlier :(


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OMG PIZZA!!! You have no idea how hard it was not to just order one online earlier :(
Actually I do!!!! Have fought that urge for 8 weeks but I will say it got sooo much easier from week 3 on!!!!

Ok I was so bad that at one time (when I was having building work done in my defence so hard to cook) I got my monthly phone bill in. It was crazy high and I was giving out to my teenage son, as most of the calls were his. Our bills list the 10 most frequently dialled numbers and I was ranting about how they must be all his friends. So my son took the bill and looked, pointed to the MOST dialled number and said "Mom that's Four star pizza!" :eek::eek::eek::busted::beam:

Major cringe ..... that was me! It was a serious eye opening moment!!!!

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