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Hi There

Pierce very kindly set up a new section about Fashion and suggested that I might like to write here... Mini also commented that I might like to post some of my blog enteries in the diaries section...

In my blog (http://curvygoddess.typepad.co.uk/) I have been writing about my plans to lose weight, sharing my frustrations about how overweight people are presented in the media and mostly importantly for this thread reviewing plus size fashion.

Mini - I will be happy to copy and paste and of my future blog entries about fashion here and will try to do the same with my diary entries too!

So I'll try to share my thoughts on plus size fashion with you in the future! But in the mean time you can see what I've already written in the link above - I've only been writing the Curvy_Goddess for a couple of weeks so you won't have missed much! However if you are just looking for decent plus size clothes I have started to collate a list of links to good plus size retailers - which will just be on my blog.

Anyway at the moment I mid-post writing about some particular shops, once I have posted I will do the same here!

Luv & Hugs, Curvy_Chicken
PS. Thanks Mini and Pierce!
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That sounds brilliant. Thank you Curvy_Chicken. Look forward to reading it
Hi Curvy_Chicken,

Delighted you have taken us up on our offer, but I could see from your blog that you have a passion for it.

One of the things I found being morbidly obese was that the fashion and cut of clothes was diabolical, throwing a tent on from one of those army surplus stores would of looked just as good!

What I find incredulous is that the designers out there don't seem to understand how clothes hang on a very fat person, but this is probably more to do with the emasculation of the female form by fashion designers...

When I weighed 8 stone my bust size was 34 A but when I was almost 18 stone, I was, let's just say a million miles from two fried eggs...

Yet clothes were still being cut with the flat chested in mind.

And as for the material and pattern...always reminded me of the wrap around aprons my granny loved to wear....

To find something that was flattering and looked good quality normally cost the earth!!! Then it came in one colour and that was Black.

I had to go out and buy a few things to wear the other day and when I got home and was trying them on I found that some of the size 18/20 was tiny, I had to leave it back...back in the shop I found that there was really not that much of a difference be twee it and a size 12...so perhaps it was a mistake in sizing, but really very frustrating...

Currently I fit into some size 16's, but comfortable in size 18's.

I am always a size smaller on the bottom, still not into a size 14 by any stretch of the imagination.

Rant over for now:)

Love Mini xxx
Well anyone who has 'chicken' in their name is fine by me ;)

I read your blog and think that it is going to be a fine addition to the minimins site :D

I really wish we could get a campaign together to standardise dress sizes because it bugs the hell out of me :mad:

I realise the cut will be different on each garment depending on the style but the measurements of the person they are supposed to fit should remain constant.

I note that George have introduced clothing from a size 8 now, no bloody wonder because their sizes are massive so the 10 is the new 12.

Although my hips are now a size 14, their is o way on earth high waosted trousers should fit me when I still have a 33 inch waist but they do :eek:

With clothing sizes being so drastically different than they were 12-13 years ago when I first started to gain weight, and lycra being in everything for that comfort fit, women just don't have the same cues they once did that they are expanding :(
What a great idea for a thread! :)

After being overweight for so long, I can now look back and reflect upon what kinds of clothes I would wear...it was a choice of either stuff that made me look like a granny or stuff that made me look hideous ( large bold, bright prints!) :mad:

Stuff never fitted properly & the cut was never right...I agree with what Mini was saying about plus size clothes still being made for smaller busts! What's that all about....I bet the designers are a size 8 or something...oh...and blind too! :D

I understand that there are good clothes for plus sizes out there but most of the time I could not afford them. I DID find next to be good for some clothes, but NOT shoes...very uncomfortable...saying that, In the new catalogue they are catering more for wider feet now!

I must say, now that I am at goal, I still have wide calves...I can live with that though...I have just ordered some boots from this site .... www.duoboots.com they ARE pricey, but well worth it!

I have found it really important on my many recent shopping trips to come out of my shell a bit more and try on things that I never would have done in the past and most of the time I have been pleasantly surprised! :eek: It's great to ask for advice about what does / doesn't look good no matter what your size!

Anyway, I am ranting on and this is not about me, it's about you! It just made me think! LOL! Anyway, look forward to reading this thread!
Oh, their boots are just gorgeous!!!!! :)

I have already told my boyf to get me some for Xmas...LOL.... I even put them in his favourites on his laptop just to make sure! he he he! :rolleyes:
Hi Clare,

I have big calves as well and that link will come in handy if I decide to wear boots this year, been years since I wore them.


Love Mini xxx
Hi Cury Chicken,

Well we could network among ourselves here and build up a data base of knowledge for women to find fashion with style and a price that is realistic...

Instead of having to plough through shops getting nowhere.

Just an idea

Love Mini xxx
Hi Cury Chicken,

Well we could network among ourselves here and build up a data base of knowledge for women to find fashion with style and a price that is realistic...

Instead of having to plough through shops getting nowhere.

Just an idea

Love Mini xxx

Great idea! :)

This is just lovely and I am going to do my best to get into this dress....

What you think?

I am 13 stone now and have started back SSing how long is it going to take?
I am 13 stone now and have started back SSing how long is it going to take?

The dress is lovely!! But what size it? and it shouldn't take that long before you can fit into it :)

I just want to wear my ripped jeans.. thats all I want:)
Well it goes from I think a 10 right up to a 22, must check that again.

But I would not wear a dress until I was in the 12 region as I would be too self conscious.:( But I might make an exception for this one:rolleyes:

My legs are like tree trunks and at the moment no matter how magic it is...I am still beyond help.

The dress is called a magic dress because it is suppose to pull all your bits into shape:D
Size 12?! That won't take long at all.. 8-12 weeks ssing?! I think that could do it:)