What do you snack on?

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  1. matteusuk86

    matteusuk86 New Member

    Hi all, i'm new on here and have started on the slimfast plan last week. Losing 1lb in my first week.

    I was just wondering what people snack on during the day, the slimfast snacks are expensive, and i've found if I only have fruit for the snacks then I feel shaky because i've not had enough to eat. I'm not diabetic, i've been checked out for that.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
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  3. ahava

    ahava Member

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    was on cambridge now on slimming world
    I nibble on chopped up vegetables like brocolli, cauli, and carrots put in a tupperware box with some salt pepper and lemon juice and chopped coriander , its very tasty as a snack and you can make loads. I also like fruit maybe some pineapple and apples chopped. Lots of things. Yes the products are expensive so make your own things are nicer
  4. Bibiana

    Bibiana Full Member

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    I just have a fruit or low fat yougurt.
  5. buddhabelle

    buddhabelle New Member

    I've just had a vegetable cup a soup which was just over 80 calories and was quite tasty and filling for a snack.
  6. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    Carrot batons, low fat cottage cheese, chicken breast strips, satsumas, apples, pears, lean cooked ham or turkey, pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

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