What do you think of body optimise?


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Can't give you any advice on the online plan as Iv always gone to groups. I'm sure the £££s will help moivate you to stick to it ;-) and this site is fab for encouragement. Only way is down from here!!


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wishing you all the luck in the world, everytime you need some encouragement and help or even if you want us to shout at you and give you a telling off, we are all here, we are better than a class :D :D


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I do bodyoptimise thing because SW isn't in Australia so I have little choice, and the discipline of weighing in each week and thereby getting something for my money helps keep me on track.

However, I find this site far more useful in staying motivated than the SW website. I don't tend to ask questions here, I just tend to ramble on but I do read alot and learn alot. So, as long as you keep your focus and remember what you're hoping to achieve you should be able to do it without going to group. As soccermom said this site is in many ways better than group as we are here all week long all hours of the day/night!

Good luck!!


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I use bodyoptimise. I think it has some fantastic features but I don't find it particularly motivational besides the food diary where I can keep track, it's amazing how quickly syns add up if you keep track of them. I use this forum as my motivation and it's here 24/7 unlike a class. Keep logging in here and you will get the motivation you need.


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Thank you! I agree that this place is more motivational than the sw website. Hope to be a regular visitor, thanks again x