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What do you think of the Peanut Bars

I'm one of few that like the "flapjacks"(used the word loosely), i like the coconut ones better & find them much easier to eat if you pop em in the toaster for a few mins (makes em easier to chew!)


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I actually like th peanut flapjacks, the 1st one not so much, but they have grown on me. They reminded me of dry roasted peanuts. Took a couple of times to get used to them, but they are so handy when out and about. Coconut tried one wasn't too fond of it, but maybe I'll give it another try next week.

I add coffee to the vanilla and make a latte for breakfast which is lovely but I'm starting to tire of it now. Tried the mouse wasn't a fan of it either.
hmm, never tried the mouse as always imagained it to taste powdery if you know what i mean. I think your taste really changes after a few weeks on LT, i hated the bars the 1st time i tasted them but after a few weeks couldn't be without. Maybe try them again in a couple of weeks as they are so handy when you're on the move.
oh how i detest the flapjacks, more like cardboard
Must be a man taste thing... lol
By the way Adam what an incrediable weight loss and great before and after photos.
Must be a man taste thing... lol
By the way Adam what an incrediable weight loss and great before and after photos.
Cheers buddy
Hi stevo, my dog wouldnt eat a bit of the flapjack . !!!!!!!!! They smell like cattle feed Yeuck .... not just a man thing . only ever tried one mind you but couldnt give up a shake or soup for that !!!!!!!!!


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Not tried the flapjacks, not felt the desire for them - or the need for fibre! I get my chewing from crunching on ice in my shakes, when i get chance.

Vanilla+coffee is good, and also adding coffee to the choc is quite good too.

#I used to use 300ml plus of water in all my shakes but last couple of weeks have reverted to 240ml as directed by LT - just prefer that thickness you then get. Not got round to trying a mousse, but probably will at some point :)


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I must be very strange or very irish, i luuurve the peanut flapjacks and actually look forward to them they are like an orgasm to me, ok so i must be desperate i know!!!!!


I *will* be skinny again!
eugh. i really don't like the flapjacks at all! i feel they dry my mouth out waaaay too much. i'd rather stick to my shakes! haha xx
strawberry & chocolate shakes... nothing else. The flapjacks taste like Dust!! eeeeeuuuggghhhh... However different strokes for different folks .. :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Flapjacks = Burnt poo!!!!

lol :)
hmmm, until i reaqd your post Chelcie i was thinking, i should try one, it's been 18 weeks on LT - maybe it might be worth a go!


I will be skinny again!!!

Elle, dont let me put you off hun xxx
will maybe get one of each then next weigh in :) may as well try them - can't hurt (famous last words!!)
Go on Elle give one a try, let us know how you get on.
Choc and strawberry shakes for me till im finished.
Had my first weigh in today lost 10lbs. sooooo pleased.
Im a happy chappy.
Talk soon
Hi stevo
Well done on the lose its such a great feeling, I also just finished my first week. Have you tried the peppermint tea with the choc shake?? Its good:D
Well done steve, 10 lbs great start . now just think of next weeks weigh in and not any farther and drink , drink ,drink ....the water !!!!!!!!!!!:D
Thanks Sparkles and Michllinwoman.
Yeah i must try the pepermint tea with the shake. Im drinking 2 cups a day instead of regular tea. And keeping up with the 4 liters of water. Never drank water before, found it hard at the start but now i enjoy the water. I have a new good habbit.Well done everyone on the weight loss.
Talk laters... Stevo

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