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what do you think of this diet and exercise program?

Workout routine(general):

i'm weight training. going to start with 3 pound dumbells. i have dumbells of up to 15 lbs at home. will gradually work up to them

Monday- Chest & triceps. 3 sets of 12-15reptitions of exercises

tuesday-Cardio & abs. Bike or elliptical machine or or jog outside or do a cardio DVD at home.

Wednesday- Legs & shoulders-3lbs dumbells

Thursday-Cardio & Calves. Do the bike or elliptical machine or incline on treadmill or jog/DVD exercise.

Friday-Back & biceps.

Sat and Sunday-rest

Meals: 6 meals a day

#1 Oatmeal & egg whites.
#2 Protein shake.( i have whey protein powder)
#3 Chicken or turkey or fish with salad & brown rice
#4 Same as above, but with sweet potato
#5 10 almonds
#6 Fish & vegetables.
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Carpe diem, baby!
That's kinda what my daily meal plan looks like, but I eat 15 almonds at a time...also have more than one protein shake per day (I burn 1000 calories per day just doing exercise roughly)

Routine looks tight too...I also rest the weekend...fab...


Carpe diem, baby!
I've posted my exercise regime (which changes every two to four weeks consequently) elsewhere...but will do so again here if it helps (I get most of my workout routines from bodybuilding.com and cycle them) Here is a bit or alot about me and what I do to keep fit, etc...

Monday - 2 weighted circuits, no rests between each exercise (consisting of 15 reps of each - 7.5kg dumbells walking lunges, 45kg seated row, 50kg seated leg curls, 37.5kg shoulder press, 50kg leg extensions, 10kg dumbells bicep curls, 67.5kg calf raises, 25kg tricep pulldowns, 80kg leg press, 45kg lat pulldowns) and then I do my ab workout which is 3 sets of 12 -15 each of hanging leg raises, russian twists with 8kg med ball, inclined hip raises, 30kg cable crunches and then I do 45 minutes of spin class (cardio)

Tuesday - 2 weighted circuits as above and then an hour with my personal trainer who does a mixture of plyometrics, weights and cardio based circuits as well as core stability work at the end, no two sessions are the same with him

Wednesday - 45 minutes spin class and then 15 minutes on the rowing machine level 10 high intensity and then 2 weighted circuits and ab workout (similar to the Monday session but with different exercises)

Thursday - 2 weighted circuits and then 15 minutes high intensity on stationary bike, rowing machine and running on treadmill (sometimes I do it HIIT style sometimes I just go at the same intensity) no matter what I do I always push to my limit and sweat loads and get out of breath and then ab workout

Friday - 2 weighted circuits, ab workout, then spin class 45 minutes

Saturday and Sunday are rest days and Sunday is my 'cheat' day foodwise (I eat whatever I fancy in moderation)

I also walk, run and cycle everywhere as I don't own a car. Am aiming to train for the Bristol half marathon or maybe the Bath one next year. I also want to do triathlon at some point and maybe take up trail running or mountain biking in the near future (next year fingers crossed). I also skateboard for fun and to keep fit I suppose...

I use a whey protein called Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard...I only eat complex carbs like brown rice, wholemeal bread, oats with added bran...I eat nuts and seeds and mixed dried fruit as snacks (as well as rice cakes and celery with peanut butter that sort of thing)...I eat mainly high protein to maintain lean mass and also increase it. I cycle creatine (four weeks on and four weeks off) and use GABA, terrestris tribulus and take vit C 1000mg, a good multivitamin and mineral and I also take glucosamine and calcium with vitamin D...I weigh 132 pounds and my body fat percentage is around 20% according to my measurements. I've been doing this sort of thing since April this year...the weights I use have steadily gone up and I feel stronger and fitter...I don't want to compete in bodybuilding or figure categories...my aim is to get fit, lean and strong and possibly extend my endurance so I can do a marathon before I die...


Carpe diem, baby!
No, you're not weak, I've been doing strength training as well as other fitness stuff since April, so that's 7 months of steady improvement...it all takes time...

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