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Extra Easy What do you use your syns on?


I'm asking because I'm struggling to use mines really.

I've not hit a chocolate craving (yet), no crisps and I rarely drink.

I think I use maybe 2-3 a day for things like bread, salad dressings, marinades, sauces or the odd extra dash of milk, but I don't feel restricted. Yesterday I used 3 as part of my dinner as the cottage cheese had pineapple in.

So really what I'm looking for is some pointers or ideas? What do other people do with them?

I'm sure come *week again, I'll be feeling the need for something sweet, but as it stands I'm not feeling the need to eat anything expect my 3 square and HEx's (I use both daily).
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is working hard.....
I use mine for nice treaty additions to freefoods - like avocado for my prawn salad, olives for my pasta sauce, single cream for my strawberries - makes everything seem 'normal' and even more delicious.

Also for a couple of Extra Strong Mints whilst I'm cooking or around the children's ice-creams and treats to remind me not to nibble!
Normally stuff like ketchup, salad cream, TI dressing on seafood. Then if I have cheese as my HexA then syn my milk for tea during the day, which is not much anyway.

Then for just biscuits, Ginger Oat Biscuits by Nairns, Oatybars or the Weight Watchers Double Choc Cookies. Sometimes you just have to have a biscuit with your cup of tea!

I admit to finding it difficult to syn for chocolate, because quite frankly - if I had some chocolate I would eat the lot!
Yesterday I used them as a milky way (6), a tbsp of red pesto (2.5) to add flavour to my chicken pasta dinner and as part of my lunch which was 300g of suishi (4.5).

Today, probably another milky way, the mayo in my tuna mayo wholemeal roll and maybe a packet of crisps with my lunch?
Hi there

To start with I really struggled to use mine too, but I have started making a conscious effort to use them or I will have nowhere to cut back when the weight loss slows down ;). I didn't want to get into eating crisps/choc so .....
Mine seem to go on yogurts (6.5 a day)2.5 for the activa zest lemon :drool: and 4 for the low fat crunch corner yogurts I can get. Also I won't use spray oil so I pay for olive/sesame, and then when Im doing recipes I try to use a couple up there so Im not always having to eat more volume to use them :p
oooohh and finally I do just red days now so I buy peas and sweetcorn :D
i usually use mine for ingredients in meals, such as chorizo, tomato puree, oil, gravy granules, creme fraiche, or condimenty type things like ketchup, light mayo, bbq sauce, sweet chilli sauce etc etc :) orrrr, if im doing EE and i feel the need for extra cheese i would syn that!

i also like a tsp of REAL sugar on my weetabix :D tastes so much better than sweetener! or a mug of options hot choc if you like that :) xx


Now to maintain.....
mostly chocolate!!!!!!!
also mini milks or mini twisters ice lollies.
and lemon curd,gravy,snack a jacks.

apart from gravy i dont really like having to use my syns on meals....i like to have my treat on an evening :)
I use mine on random things! Yesterday I had 15.5 syns and had used them on a Kelloggs fibre bar, some milk (had used my A & B options already), a Solero, gravy and extra light mayo. I use about 5 a day on things like sauces, gravy, mayo etc and another 5 on something treat-ish like a fibre bar or crisps. I almost always use all 15 of them!
Chocolate, cereal bars, sausages, gravy, mayonnaise, falafel - trying to cut down on my chocolate though!!!
I have meals pretty much always free then have a treat on an evening (as an incentive to stay on plan throughout the day) - either snackajacks, Solero, minimilk or curly wurly usually.


I will be a Princess!
Mostly sauces for me, although I do use some syns on things like snack a jacks (the chocolate ones are yummy!), mini jammie dodgers, penguin bars (usually only around * week as I'm not bothered about too much chocolate otherwise), crackling with my sunday dinner :D etc.

I mostly use my syns for alcohol if I go out at the weekend though :) xx
A few of you say chocolate but is it ok to use your syns on chocolate on a daily basis? I had mini twisters (2 syns) and Nestle Animal Bars (5 syns) for my syns a few times the other week and I gained 1lb :( I find it hard to vary my syns as I'm on a tight budget and can't afford many treats.


I will be a Princess!
I can't see why not hun. Your syns are yours to 'spend' as you want - if you want chocolate then have it :) It's possible that your gain was down to something else, or maybe just one of those unexplained blips! xxx


Now to maintain.....
i have had chocolate on a daily basis since i started sw.
theres probably 5 days or maybe even less in the whole 19 weeks that i havent had chocolate!!
as you can see from my details it doesnt seem to have harmed me!
syns are there to be used on what you want providing you dont go over so i use them on what i enjoy most.

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