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What do you want from your CDC?

Having read a few threads recently about rubbish CDCs and being judgemental or inflexible, was just wondering what you all wanted from a good CDC, as I suspect we are all different.

For me, I am a weigh and run kind of girl - I don't want to hang about any longer than I have to so don't really enter into any lengthy discussions about how I've done - I just want to get weighed, buy my stuff and go! I love that my CDC is never offended by this, she always has ALL stock available and I can drop round pretty much any time as long as I ring. She is fab! In the past if I have fallen off the wagon, she has left me alone and not nagged and waited for me to skulk back with my tail between my legs and she is always positive and encouraging but never says platitudes if there is a gain after a blip, which I like. I am lucky to have her!

So that is what I want from a CDC - how about you?
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I think a CDC should be like a chameleon and adapt to the client's needs as the journey progresses.

My CDC is fantastic and is helping me with behavioural change at the moment but has also made it clear that, if I want, I can collect packs, weigh in and run.


Slowly but surely x
i love my CDC and if she sticks around we just talk about life, kids etc. If I want to talk about weight and stuff, she will. I just love her and she always tells me how amazing im doing and how proud she is of me :) That makes me feel extra spesh x
Weigh 'in collect packs, but of a pat on the back (if I deserve it) chat if I don't but 10mins max really! And for now thats what i am getting. My only concern is sometimes I seem to know more about it (from here) than she does.
Weigh 'in collect packs, but of a pat on the back (if I deserve it) chat if I don't but 10mins max really! And for now thats what i am getting. My only concern is sometimes I seem to know more about it (from here) than she does.

Ha ha. You sound like me!! I did lighter life once and couldn't bear all the therapy side of it - and in the past when doing ww and sw never stayed for mtgs!! Hate it hate it! Some may say that is why I always regain tho.:eek: I think it is because I am an all-or-nothing person but I'm sure a therapist would disagree!


please try again
i spend 20 - 30 mins with my cdc at my weigh ins

she weighs and measures me, we chat about how the week has gone, select my packs ( well she hands over a box of choc mint thats shes gotten out ready but always gives me the chance to select something else ) and then we set the world to rights before i head off home

i went to see another cdc in sheffield and wow that woman was rude
she opened the door and walked off shouting at someone in her kitchen. she didnt weigh or measure me and told me cambridge rules were you had to buy unopened boxes and her clients buy a month at a time ( i had done cambridge in belfast previously so knew she was talking rubbish ) she also never filled out the forms thou i had a photocopy of my belfast one with me
i bought what i needed and then she walked off and told me i could show myself out, no suprise i never went back, so glad i found my current cdc
my cdc is a friend so its a bit different. I watched her go through her whole journey and keep the weight off for 5 months before she finally convinced me to give it a go. I have known her years and years as a distant friend but now class her as a good friend. She does slimmer of the week, free monthly magazine, facebook chat page for her group, pep talks, pats on backs, texts, everything you could ask for in a cdc really. One of the good ones x
Good question hun!

For me I need a non-judgemental CDC that will offer advice if needed and give encouragement always.

I don't usually hang around as I'm often a hurry, but I like to know that if I do want to stop by for 15 mins I can :)

Mines really nice and relaxed, for the first 9weeks I have dilly and dallied on it, lost the 2 stone per month which you should but now i am SS she kept telling me that my dalliances would not work as well as doing it properly and she was right and now i am on the straight and narrow guess I needed to get into the right mind for it, she comes once a month at my request and has an open house day on a monday is contactable through the email and phone and is their whenever i need her its really nice to think that I can get on with it and have help when needed it she is lovely:)
I love my CDC because she is an absolute rock, even with the total lack of weight loss I've been having she's never once made me feel anything like a superwoman who is doing great. She texts me everyday with motivational tips and just to check in and she's so friendly and wonderful that we always end up chatting for ages about everything in my life and how it might be affecting my journey.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, I sing her praises at every opportunity!

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