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what do you wear for weigh in?

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LOL, at home I weigh first thing before doing anything else in the buff! Weigh in at clubs is always more of course as its the end of the day and you have to wear clothes. Yes, the lightest possible!!


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my own scale is what I monitor my weight on, so my consultant might have different number I really don't care that much. For a while I wore the same jeans but now they are definitely too big and worn out, so I guess I need to switch to something else. I'll try to have something similar though.


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also first thing in the morning before i hop in the shower so just me and my birthday suit!!

I use my own scales to monitor as my cdc is away for 2 weeks so i wouldnt get a wi for 3 weeks if i waited for her!


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Used to wear leggings and a top for CDC weigh in and for home weigh now I wear my p.j's! X


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Same type of clothes as in my first WI : jeans and t-shirt :D

I had to change the jeans though, because the first ones I wore are far too baggy now :D


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Anything light lol!! xx
Haha I weigh myself before i get in the shower, so nothing. When I went to get weighed at my CDC's the first time I wore leggings and a top, so now I don't want to go in jeans which are heavier! I was 2lb more than I'd told her I was so I told her it might be my clothes and she said 'ok but you've got to keep them on sorry!' :p


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I always wi in black trousers and a top not to hard to remember as I go straight from work but I have Neva weighed in jeans at any club or with CDC as I know they will be heavier than normal trousers. If I have a jumper on I take it off and I take my sun glasses off my head!!!! I don't think it matters but I try and stick to the same thing so I can't make excuses if I gain lol!!

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