What do you wear in bed?


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Okay...personal question, but I'm curious.

What do you wear in bed?

I was brought up to wear nightie or pyjamas over nothing. My mother said it was unhealthy to wear knickers at night. Needed to let the area breathe :D

Now I just wear pjs.

My husband was brought up to always where pants under pj bottoms. I had never heard of that before. He doesn't now, but I've seen girls on sleepovers at school keep knickers on so I know he wasn't alone.

Another question.
What would you wear in bed in hospital? Do you keep knickers on? Bra on ladies?

I remember years ago, being hospital and having been asked to lift my nightie, seeing the doctors eyes nearly pop out of his head. As I'm pretty sure that my bits and pieces aren't gobsmacklingly different from anyone elses, I wondered at the time if he had expected to see me in pants:confused:

I wear pants now in hospital, but never sure whether I should also wear a bra.

What do you do?
Bed, nothing.

Hospital, knickers but no bra.
Bed- was nothing, but being cold of late it's pyjamas with sort of cardigan-y pyjama top. Would feel v odd to wear knickers in bed for some reason.

Hospital- hmm... would probably do knickers but no bra too, and the pyjamas.

Loving the Leonard Cohen quote btw, other Kate. I love him.
aaaaaargh!!! bra.???? in bed??? are you mad!!!......pokey hard bits ;) stabbing into your chest and stuff.....ooough no.

In hospital I think I would be wearing my scants and nowt else with nightie.....would feel like I'm naked in a public place with no scants on!!! :eek::eek::eek:

In my own bed...erm.....not so very modest me....nowt. I'd have to buy nightie especially for hospital!:eek:
bed nothing although since i lost weight im debating pyjamas, and i wouldnt wear any underwear,
in hospital i would wear pyjamas and knickers but no bra,
Bed - Just my gold speedo

Hospital - The full leotard and backless chaps.
KateF, cheers, I'm a big fan of his. Lovely to see someone recognises the quote! "Anthem" is probably my favourite pick-me-up-when-I'm-feeling-down song.

Icemoose, great answer ;)
In Bed - Just Mrs Brad (acts as hot water bottle) ;) ;)

In hospital - Perhaps my Mr Incredible pants. Or if it was for something serious, I might pick my lucky pants.
In bed - OH! :p

Hospital - a dishy doctor!!!

Bed, nothing. If i was in hospital I would wear pj's and a bra. You don't stay in bed much, and i hate not wearing a bra during the day! Night though, just the pj's as i tend to fidget and uncover myself, and the world does not need to see my arse!

As someone who works in a hospital, i would say knee length nightie and pants or pj's, unless you are catheterised or incontinent or have just had an op on your fanjo that needs looking at daily!
I'm with you on this one DQ :eek: