What do you wear to a Winter wedding?


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Does anyone have an idea what you would wear to a winter wedding? On November 5th my boyfriend's brother is getting married in Gretna Green and I have no idea what to wear and it is gonna be freezing - especially it will be up north...

I am hoping there will be heating etc...

I could wear this dress which I already have and perhaps wear tights and some kind of jacket.

But it could be too cold as the dress is quite thin.

Any suggestions? Would be much appreciated...


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Being a softy southerner who lives about an hour south of Gretna, I would suggest you wear this:-
OOh a demin parka - cool! They look even better when they're too big, hun!

Whatever you wear, I hope you have a fantastic time and remember - girls up norf go out in the snow in boob tubes, so when in Rome LMTO!!!
Oh my lordie - yes - velvet IS the only winter fabric! That dress is gorgeous!!!!!

I've been trying for years to buy a short-ish black velvet skirt and can't find one ANYWHERE (no matter wot fecking size I've been!!!!) GRRR!!!
LOL - I dress like a pirate all the time - virtually everything I've got has got a skull on it - belts, t-shirts, hats, gloves everything! lol

Dunno if me cowboy boots go particularly well, but who cares?? I like being mutton and dressing the same as I did in the 80s hahahahahahahah!
OMG - that is LUSH!!!!

I am desperate for this - but there's NO way I can EVER justify spending that kind of money on a frock (unless it's for my wedding lol)

It's 270 quid!!!!