What do you wear to a Winter wedding?

Discussion in 'Retail Therapy' started by Curvy_Chicken, 15 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member


    Does anyone have an idea what you would wear to a winter wedding? On November 5th my boyfriend's brother is getting married in Gretna Green and I have no idea what to wear and it is gonna be freezing - especially it will be up north...

    I am hoping there will be heating etc...

    I could wear this dress which I already have and perhaps wear tights and some kind of jacket.

    But it could be too cold as the dress is quite thin.

    Any suggestions? Would be much appreciated...


    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  3. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Being a softy southerner who lives about an hour south of Gretna, I would suggest you wear this:-
  4. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

  5. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

  6. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

  7. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    I already have a lovely denim parka - but I suppose it could be a bit too big on me by november... I can dream!

    Thanks Isobel!
  8. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

  9. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    OOOh that is nice - but that reminds me there is a seller on ebay who sells similar stuff perhaps I could get this or even this one and this is lush!

    Thanks Isobel - you've given me some good ideas!

    Big Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    OOh a demin parka - cool! They look even better when they're too big, hun!

    Whatever you wear, I hope you have a fantastic time and remember - girls up norf go out in the snow in boob tubes, so when in Rome LMTO!!!
  11. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Oh NOW you're talking my language, hun!!! I LURVE goth stuff!!!!

    Stuff the parka - go for number 1 or 2 - DEFFO!!!!!
  12. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    I could get this dress and there is a shrug that matches - mmm I am liking the idea of going with velvety fabrics...

    Bless those northerners in their boobtubes...

    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx:)
  13. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Oh my lordie - yes - velvet IS the only winter fabric! That dress is gorgeous!!!!!

    I've been trying for years to buy a short-ish black velvet skirt and can't find one ANYWHERE (no matter wot fecking size I've been!!!!) GRRR!!!
  14. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    there are quite a few sellers on ebay who sell gorgeous original stuff - this another favorite and it would be soo cool to get one of these pirate coats...

    I wanna be a pirate...:):D
  15. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    Isobel - check this out - what do you think?

    Or maybe simply this?
  16. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    LOL - I dress like a pirate all the time - virtually everything I've got has got a skull on it - belts, t-shirts, hats, gloves everything! lol

    Dunno if me cowboy boots go particularly well, but who cares?? I like being mutton and dressing the same as I did in the 80s hahahahahahahah!
  17. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Oooh I love the second skirt and would wear it with the first boots!!!!
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  19. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    I love the skulls to - wanna get this skirt when I can afford it...
  20. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    OMG - that is LUSH!!!!

    I am desperate for this - but there's NO way I can EVER justify spending that kind of money on a frock (unless it's for my wedding lol)

    [​IMG]It's 270 quid!!!!
  21. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Ooh just seen it's in Psyche for 189.99 - do you think that justifies a purchase? lol
  22. Curvy_Chicken

    Curvy_Chicken Full Member

    wow the clothes there are gorgeous. But like you I could never justify buying any of it... Will have to wait until I am rich...

    Boo Hoo!!!:(
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