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What does 1lb of fat look like?

:D Just to show everyone what 1lb of fat looks like, I have included a pic in my sig. So when or if you are having a down moment (as we all do from time to time and its perfectly normal) just visualise how many of these you have lost to show what an amazing job you are all doing on your weight loss journey. xx
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Good post, when I was attending a class our counsultant brought in one of these fat things for us to look at, and at the end of class I borrowed it for the week and carried it round in my handbag just to get the realisation of carrying fat on my body. I was glad to give it back after the week, you just don't realise how heavy it weighs when you have it all the time. So I agree, be appreciative of your losses and don't groan about the "its only a pound loss" would you rather keep it? xx

Mrs V

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A great post!!
We all get that "I only lost a 1lb" mentality when it happens to us and sometimes we need a visual reminder of just how far we have come. I know I couldnt even lift the amount of weight that I have lost now, so goodness knows how my body coped with it!!
oh man thats disgusting.

i probably have about 20-30 pounds of fat to loose, and then gain alot of muscle.

but that picture is not good errrg...
Wow what a brill reminder, thanks for sharing!! At our class on the table we have squidgy yellow thing that is the equivalent to 2lbs of fat, and I always have a little squeeze of it before I go home, to remind me how gross it is haha xxx


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Thanks for that! It shows that it's never just a pound. A pound is a lot!
In our class we have the rubber 2 pound thing and it shows how much it is.
In a class I belonged to a few years ago the consultant had her butcher vacuum pack 2 pounds of fat. It really looked revolting and shows what we shed!
OMG !! I am not alone then when it comes to squeezing the 2lb of fat thing at WI nites.... It is one of my biggest motivators that. My SW consultant said she paid £15 for it.

I have lost 28 of them !!.. thats a sobering thought

Phil x
My consultant has a 2lb block too and it really does bring it home to me just how much excess fat I was carrying and what I have lost upto now. I also thought this was a good motivator for those that are losing weight without going to class just to see what they are achieving every time they lose 1lb. x
it all adds up to, when i carry my 2 year old son, sometimes i remember that I have lost the same as his weight and that i could constantly be carrying it around...no wonder i was always tired!
Me too.......my son weighs 3 stone and I cannot pick him up for long now! Puts it into perspective doesnt it!
It's amazing when you see it. My old ww consultand was a butchers daughter so she brought in the solid fat in half, one and two lb measures to show us and then sausages to show how much we lost in that so I used to think I have lost 8 sausages if I lost 1lb lol

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