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What does "chunky" mean?




True - everyone kept saying I have a big build and will never be skinny - determined to prove them wrong :D lol
Bought a pair of size 12 trousers yesterday - they may be from new look and a big size 12 but they are still a size 12 :D


If someone told me I was chunky I'd think that it meant I wasn't 'wobbly' fat, but more stocky, solid. But at a size 12, I can't imagine you are either!!
I own one pair of size 12 trousers - but I am definatly still a size 14! Still a size 14 ontop - huge boobs and I am very broad!

I would just love to be able to go into a shop and buy something because I like it not because it fits!

Went into dorothy perkins yesterday with 8 items none of them suited me! Story of my life!
I have to say, in all honesty, I wouldn't mind being referred to as chunky!! Truely!
I, like the others have suggested, would say that chunky means 'solid' and not 'wobbly fat' (which I am!!)
I actually wouldn't mind being slightly overweight if I was solid and more even all over instead of carrying most of my (wobbly) weight on my bottom half!! lol


Vegetarian who lives2eat
No Claire they do mean fat, I would tell them if they cant say something nice then say nothing at all, failing that just deck em, haha. Who cares what other people say its what you feel inside and you know you are not that big , so wear your size 12s with the label hanging out, that should shut them up !!!!
My personal opinion of the word 'chunky' is somone that isnt fat, but got a bit of puppy fat, if you get me? so there not fat.. they'r not skinny, but theyv got some curves and a little bit chunky.

I concider myself chunky, but then others say i no longer can class myself as chunky.. which is a bit annoying, cos i dont wanna be concidered skinny either..

- i think the problem with 'labels' is we all concider the word to mean different things.. like i dont like the word skinny, so i'd prefer to be chunky.. because i know im not stick thin, and still have curvs and a bit of puppy fat? xx

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