What effect did RTM have on your weight?

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  1. DillyDee

    DillyDee Full Member

    Hi all

    I'm considering going into RTM within the next month, but would most likely be 7lbs over the weight I'd ideally like to be.

    I know there are no guarantees of weight loss, and I shouldn't go into RTM expecting to lose, but I'd be interested to know what effect RTM had on your weight. Did you end up losing, staying the same or (god forbid) gaining weight?


    DD x
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  3. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I can't answer you DD but looking forward to reading your replies!

    Kat xx

    Ps: well done, you have done amazingly well!! :)
  4. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I lost the first two weeks- stabalised the next few - gained the next few - lost the last few, and ended up spot on the same weight I was when I started it.

  5. daisydoll

    daisydoll Gold Member

    i'm on week 6 RTM
    i have lost 5lb so far - but i have not stuck 100% to plan so guess if i had i would have lost more.

    the trigger weeks are coming up tho so i am expecting i may put a few back on

    i'm hoping to be about the same at the end as i was at the start of RTM

    daisy x
  6. Anders

    Anders Full Member

    I've just started RTM with about a stone left to lose - I think it may be different for guys though - I know Sean lost ~ 26 lbs on RTM :eek:

    In the end I guess the amount you lose will depend on the serving sizes you allow yourself during RTM. The first couple of weeks are a 'ketogenic' type diet without lots of carbs so you'll stay in ketosis and lose a few pounds - after that the glycogen weight you lost (~5-7lbs) in the first week of LL will start to go back.

    I think a 7lb lose should be manageable if you are strict with yourself
  7. MagdaX

    MagdaX is Magdalicious

    What about doing Lighter Life Lite instead??
    I hear people are losing weight on it.
    Just not quite sure what's the difference between LLL and RTM??
    Both involve a mix of packs and conventional food.
    Anyone knows?
    Do tell!
  8. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    RTM is 12 weeks, leading to permanent maintenance.

    LLL is like LL - you are on it however long you need to be. And then I believe you still have to go through an RTM to reintorduce food, etc.

  9. Sean(JSF)

    Sean(JSF) Making it all add up

    See stats below for my weight losses - I was VERY strict with myself on portion sizes and food choices in the first 5-6 weeks though. I think Anders is right that Men tend to continue to lose (my theory being that the RTM portions are aimed at Ladies and as chaps need a higher KCal intake then we're much more likely to lose).
  10. DillyDee

    DillyDee Full Member

    Thanks for all your replies. A variety of experiences there then! I guess I really do have to go into RTM with the mindset that I will end RTM the same weight that I started it.

    A colleague of mine has done LL light and did really well. However, our LLC said that if we went straight from abstinence to light, we would more than likely gain as they are allowed much more within their meal than you are in the first few weeks of RTM. Also, I would prefer to experience the full 12 week RTM rather than the shortened light version. Still lots to learn about healthy eating and I'm hoping that RTM will give me a good basis to work on...

    DD x
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