What else do we lose?


escaping the fat
My scales are also fat monitors and actually tell me how much of my weight is fat. Last look it weighed 9st 9lbs:eek: So obviously we always need some fat on our body so if i need to lose 10st im assuming say 6-7stone of that will be fat but whats the rest? cant all be water.:confused:
Around 25% of your loss is muscle (your body gains muscle as you gain fat in order to carry the extra weight around, so there is excess muscle there to be lost when you lose fat). This might sound like a lot but don't worry - a smaller percentage of your losses are lean mass on a VLCD than on most diets.
What's the percentage of healthy body fat ratio Kate? I seem to remember of figure of 22% ... is that right?
For a woman, the recommendation is around 20-25%. If you're very active, it's more like 15-20%.
Actually I should add that 25-30% is still "acceptable" - 20-25 is "healthy".