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What exercise do you do!?


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I'm just starting back, but I really want to start running again. I know I can't just jump straight back into it (shin splints and dodgy knees), so I'm going to start walking round the village to get the basic levels of fitness back up. It's not to be underestimated either, I was just saying on another thread, that the site www.walkjogrun.net works out how many calories you'd burn, and it's often more than you'd think.

I also found a site with downloadable mp3 tracks which take you from barely able to jog to being able to run 5km. I think it's over 6 weeks, and each week has a different track. The track itself tells you when to walk and when to run, slowly building up the running times over the weeks. Just waiting for my cheap little clip MP3 player to arrive now!
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I walk alot .... i try and walk my daughter to school which is half a mile away ..... I also walk to work when its not lashing it down which is 1 mile each way so just doing this adds up to 4 miles a day ... I put my ipod on with some dance music on and it really helps.

I tried a Zumba dvd the other day but laughed too much to get very far ... i had to close the blinds because i didnt want any neighbours seeing me!!
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I have just started the 30 day shred dvd. It's only 25mins. Im planning on doing it 4 x a week as I should be able to do it in the evening once my son is in bed.

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I do body attack and body jam, and I LOVE them!!! I think I may have become addicted!!


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jennyonaplate whats the website for mp3 tracks please? That sounds good!
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I try to do an exercise dvd 4 times a week, sometimes i only manage 2 or 3, others i do it 5 times.

I love Davina's SuperBody, and the Ministry of Sound ones with Deanne Berry. Infact i have just ordered Davina's new one and the Nadia Sawahla (i have spelt that so so wrong! lol) as the trainer in that is Deanne and it has fabby reviews.

Some people hate dvd's but i would be lost without them and i am in a good little routine now, i think i have finally made it a habit. I miss it now if i don't exercise for longer than 2 days!
It was on the itunes store as a podcast, called 5k101.com

I'll be off the couch and running 5k in 8 weeks apparently!!


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hi, i walk the dog everyday for around 40-45min, also try to do some general toning exercises;)
I try and swim weekly, go walks and have been playing netball weekly(not sure if am going to continue with that though) I use my wii fit sometimes and crosstrainer and bike at home sometimes. I'd like to start a dance class like zumba soon if I can find one that fits in with me and the family.

I'd say think about what exercise you like and look at your diary and see when you can fit it in. Start it gradually and increase when you are ready :)
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Hello lovelies..Hope you are all well!

What exercise do you do?
How do you fit it in with your day to day lifestyle?

Im finding it hard to find that exercise oomph!!
I am also just starting back with sw tomorrow. My exercise usually was 1 night going to a boxing/circuit training class then at home I would use my exercise bike daily. Either 10-15 minutes in the morning before work or at night.

Depending on what I cook for dinner, if it's something in the slow cooker or that I put in the oven then I would do a dvd or ea sports on the wii while it was cooking.


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My mum bought me a belly blast dvd for xmas!! i tried it the other day and literally could do 3 things on it, it was sooooooo hard lol!!!! id rather to a dancy one!!

Does anyone use the wiifit?? Any good "games" that you have tried for losing weight? I want just dance!!!!!!!!

I would love to start swimming again but it all depends on when the other half is working to look after the babs!!


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When I rejoined I startec to walk to and from the train station which works out about 40 mins a day. When my weight loss starts slowing down I will increase my activity. I would like to start spinning again.


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i am going to start using my wii fit, i have the biggest loser game and my sister gave me her crosstrainer so i am going to start using it every evening when i get home.


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what is spinning ? please
Its basically cycling on a stationary bike usually to music.
There are different levels during the class sat down on the seat and stood up, cycling on the bike.
I used to really enjoy it.
Its an intense class at first but you soon get used to it.


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Exercise bikes in the gym, but a whole room full of them and you do different types of rides like uphill, down hill, mixture of the two, its really fast paced!!!


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Most spin classes are very mixed in ability and you have control of the resistance. I admit its not for everyone but its good fun and you will definitely see and feel the difference.

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