what exercise do you take?


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I havent done an ounce of excersise yet lol, i plan to though once i hit ketosis, i have a treadmill so gonna powerwalk about an hour a day and have weekends to relax xx


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i used to use my lateral thigh trainer so will prob use it this time too and my cher exercise vid


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Well, i am very active already as I play rugby. But gotta say last night I found it hard to keep up with the usual. It's probably because I am only starting and my body needs to adjust. I hope I will be able to play 80min on Sunday :cry:


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i use to do 1hr cardio 1 hr weights now i do nothing as i just don't seem to be able to manage more than 10 mins of each,i l go back to it once i start re feed as part as my master plan to keep the weight off.


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Hi all ive started walking to wrk 5 x 3.5 miles thats as much as i can do at the mo any ideas how I can get rid of the bingo wings xx


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Hi Anne
I go to the gym on a Monday lunchtime, there is a group of us and we have a trainer.
Then I do the Wii Sports Active, which is about 4/5times a week
On a Wednesday and Friday I go for a lunchtime brisk walk, usually around 2-3km.
I'm starting running next week because I've decided to run the Race For Life again this year.
Have to admit I've struggled with the exercise this week - I've been very tired.


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Same cycling & rowing that lost me 12lbs before
starting Lipotrim.

xx Cathy xx

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I've not felt like doing any excercise whatsoever for last couple of weeks but gunna start gently with an hour a day on wii fit. I like the step aerobics and the hula hoop but not keen when the damn thing weighs me and balloons my little character!!!


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I'm a weird one, I actually started exercising at the beginning in order to slow down my losses as I was losing so much so quickly, and was frightened of my skin not catching up with the big losses!

I go to the gym 5/6 times a week. I mostly tone with static and free weights, pilates (I hate it!) core work on the ball. I used to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and cycle for 30, but only do that every other day now, as I was told it was too much for the amount of calories I was consuming. I also use the vibro plate every other day. I do a series of exercises on it which change every 2nd week. I love the vibro plate. I think it's helped to tone me so much.

Take it easy at the beginning. Your body will soon let you know if you're doing to much. Listen to it. Too much exercise can have an adverse affect. It can slow down the weight loss and make you feel so hungry.

xx Cathy xx

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OMG you too!!! I refuse to get on the WII fit now. I was going to get a friend to reset my MII to look like a person instead of a ball before I go back on and then not get weighed on it again.
It's SO demotivating. I was going to contact Nintendo to complain lol. Think what it's doing to kids' body image.

Yep me too hate the damn thing when you get on to get weighed and it has the cheek to say "ouch"!!!