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Hi Everyone/Anyone

I know this is going to sound like a real stupid question..... but what kind of excercise can anyone recommend - bearing in mind that I dont want to go to a Gym because last time i did i could see the stick insects laughing and whispering about me - even overheard the instructor say to one of them "dont worry she wont be here for long THEY never stick it out"!!! so i want to do some exercise but no idea as to what i should be doing.

Any help will be gratfully appreciated...

Trish xx :eek:
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bloody gym people are sooo rude!!!

swimming's good if you can bear the swimsuit minefield, also yoga, pilates and classes.

toning is a good bet too if you're low on energy, wii fot if you have one... etc.

good luck hun and join that gym when you're done and show them what "THEY" can really do!

I have a couple of suggestions for you!

Number 1 - has to be walking! Walking is such a good exercise, and it also helps to clear your head and get you out of the house! If you have a park or a river near to your house, then you will find it really relaxing.

If you want exercise that you can do in your house then I would recommend...

1. A rebounder
2. A medicine ball

If you get a heart rate monitor then you will be able to keep your heart rate in the fat burning zone (which is actually a lot easier than you think - you dont have to work that hard)

The medicine ball is great for toning your arms, sides, back and tummy, and it also speeds up your heart rate. The rebounder is great for burning fat and really good as it doesn't hurt your joints etc.

Once you get your BMI under 30 I would highly recommend a slendertone belt! Works wonders on the toning of the abs! :)

What ever you do, I think the secret is not so much in what you do, but just doing something every day. Building the discipline to spend 15 - 30 mins a day being active, not just for the duration of lipotrim, but forever, that is when you see the big long term benefits.

Good luck :)
Hi hun,

I know exactly what you mean about gyms- they can be horrible places in terms of your self-esteem. Saying that I've recently joined a ladies gym which doesn't really have stick insects (they only like going where they can flaunt themselves in front of the muscle-bound man monkeys) and is full of people like me!

I'm really enjoying it and I'm really not someone who particularly likes exercise!

I've been doing 45 mins cardiovascular (bike/treadmill/rowing machine) and maybe 15 or 20 mins on weight machines. I can already feel it making a difference and my weight loss this week must have been impacted by going there 3 or 4 times.

If you can't stand going to the gym then walking is your best bet...or have a look in your local paper for any classes which are catering for people trying to get fit. I know that swimming is fantastic as it is low impact on your joints (running can really damage your bones if you're overweight) but personally I'm not ready to shoe-horn myself into a swimming costume and have small children shouting "Mummy...who let the whale in?"

Good luck with whatever exercise you do- I think it's so important in terms of re-training our outlook on health for when we're no longer on LT



Otherwise known as Jools
Currently I go swimming a couple or three times a week - once I am in the water I am a dolphin, so very very graceful and can swim just like what the "slim" people do even if a little bit more slowly (and yes I swim with my head under water and everything !! lol) and a couple of other times a week I go on my airglider machine thing (ski-ing type machine) in the garden. Swimming is for about 30 mins or so virtually non stop and the airglider for about 10-15mins :D. Now I have started to do a few more toning exercises with toning bands and half push ups (kneeling rather than on my toes).
I hate gyms love swimming and walking but i read a thread about the med ball i'm going to get one
oh! trampalining is also very good too sadly i don't have little kids to buy one for but have a friend that has one i'm off there now for a jump :D

debz x

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