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What flavour would you like Exante to make


On A Mission!
I was thinking maybe
Turkey soup
Mince pie bar
Rum punch shake

I cant help it, i get excited about christmas lol

Actually i did email them last week and ask if they had considered a savoury bar, somthing along the lines of cheese and onion. I had a reply from them saying that they might look into it.
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I like the LL peanut bar so that would be a nice addition :D

Soups - pea and mint

Shakes - mint chocolate

and some water flavourings please :D

Mint choc shake, I love the Cambridge one!
Ooh, yes, my vote would be for mint choc and butterscotch shakes, too - yum.

I'm not too bad with plain water, but I'm sure I would buy flavourings to beat the boredom.

Just wish you could "pick-and-mix" with Exante like you could with Lighter Life (many years ago!). :)


I will never give up
definately a choc mint shake and a choc crunch bar
Mmm, carrot and coriander. Why didn't I think of that?!

You can but its double the price ;)
You can't if you are as mean as me! Six weeks in and I'm still agonising about whether I should get a box of shakes only and then pay more to add the bars. Oh, decisions, decisions .......


I will never give up
i know all my bars are gone too so ive just got shakes and im really missing them but its too expensive to be individually
I've bought them individually before but have just bought a mixed bumper pack - only shake I know I like is chocolate so I'll just knock all the others back like medicine -- was going to just go for soups but at least this way I get the bars.
its a shame we cant all swap amongst ourselves hehe, I really love the soups but dont really like the strawberry shakes. So would love to not have so many of them in my box!
mm new flavours
Well I would like a sweeter more flavoursome strawberry but add some sweetner I guess will sort that out a bit (not tried that yet)
The bars are glorious - Lipotrim flapjacks almost make me sick and cambridge diet bars remind me of what an oil slick would be like mixed up with a bit of clay - yuk
more bar flavours would probably be great as they are so handy for work - I dont have time to whisk etc here and by the time I get to eat it a morning prepared shake would be pretty manky and settled :p
but what flavours for the bars ?? mm I would like choc and mint with heavy emphasis on the mint, cranberry perhaps with or without yoghurt like pieces, I love the taste and smell of almonds so something along those lines would be yummy - they do a cake in the real world with almonds on but i dont recall what its called.
as for water flavourings , I would quite fancy coke flavour,ginger beer, and maybe John smiths ? :p

I think they should do, a butterstotch, Mint Choc, Cookies & Cream, White Choc, Fruit Salad & Custard shakes

Soups, I would love Pea, french onion, sweet chilli & carrot with corriander

Bars, Choc & Mint, Toffee Choc, White Choc, fruit and youghurt

Water flavourings, Apple & Blackcurrant, Pineapple & Peach, Lemon & Lime

Nommy Nommy! Maybe we should complie a proper list and send it too them?

Edit: They should do an apple and cinnamin bar too! Delish!!
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Oh, wow! love the sound of apple & cinnamon bar - my OH wants cherry and almond.

Carrot & coriander soup sounds lush too.

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