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What flavours???


Focused & goin for goal!
Chocolate Mint
Fruits of Forest
Toffee & Walnut

Banana Bliss
Chocolate Velvet

Chicken & Mushroom
Oriental Chilli

Double Chocolate
Malted Toffee

Summer Berry
Sunshine Orange
Savoury Vegetable
I choose CD because of the variety, I did not want to get bored and stray. Surprisingly all the flavours are nice and I only like three of the bars carnberry, peanut and cranberry and I don't drink coffee. The extras allows you to vary your meals tremendously.
That's interesting Isobel, my favourites are the chilli and cappuccino! And of the bars I only really like the malt toffee, which is odd because I hate malt extract.
The veg soup makes lovely crisps, imho. I think the crisps are the best thing about the diet.
I agree with you clairegen, the crisps are the best thing. While preparing them it really takes my mind off food. I had the chocmint cookies today - very surprised they turned out so lovely.
Hi Kazz, I made the chocmint cookies the same way I made the crisps but with sparkling water, less water and added sweetner.

I got the recipe from a thread here, I made small cookies instead of one big one and cooked in the microwave for 1.10 minutes. Next time I will add the summer berry flavour to Vanilla.

Black Forest Cookie
Add 1 chocolate pack to sparkling water (3tbls give and take) add half a tsp summer berry flavour and microwave for one minute (let it settle) and you have the fluffiest cookie ever.
That's interesting Isobel, my favourites are the chilli and cappuccino!
Erm - ok - a confession!

I've NEVER tried either of them! I just THINK I won't like them cos I hate coffee and the LL Oriental Chilli put me off anything like that for life - although I'm assured that the CD ones tastes quite nice!

I'm as bad as my kids for not trying things!!! :eek:
Hi Lesleyfx, hmm, I do not know if this will work. My first thought is "would it curdle".

Try it on a small amount of the pack first then as least you won't ruin the whole pack.
hmmm.... interesting.... :) ... sat here munchin on chocmint cookies made with the flavoured sparklin water. main taste is the chocmint, the strawberry & kiwi flavour hasn't carried through. Good. It does make a nice change to 'munch' on something. This is my first try at CD 'cookin' and I'm wondering why I didn't try it before?? I've been doing VLCD for 21 weeks....I should be more adventurous, lol :D

Wonder what butterscotch cookies taste like? any recommendations anyone?

Not sure I'd try the 'crisps' tho cos I hate the taste of soups....
Really? are you sure? lol. Sorry, but I'm scared of wasting a meal.... tried 3 different soups and nearly threw-up each time... most of each went down the drain! So what do the crisps taste like? Is there an after-taste? Which soups do you use?
I've made them from both veg & c & m, BUT I added pepper and a good bit of tabasco sauce to the mix so they were quite spicy! The only aftertaste I had was from the tabasco!! I've never tried them without my added 'extras' so dont know wat they taste like 'pure'!!
ooh I've just seen this I'm going to have to try those choc mint cookies! I'll have to remember to pinch a bottle of sparkling water from work tomorrow. (not really stealing I'm allowed every once in a while honest)
I use vegetable soup for crisps, my CDC uses chicken and mushroom. Mike has got a very good recipe with pictures on the recipes thread. Whatever you do DO NOT USE GREASEPROOF PAPER for cooking them on. They stick like glue (and the paper doesn't taste good). You have to use something like baking parchment or silicone sheet. Sometimes I add ground black pepper which makes them quite spicy. I haven't noticed any unpleasant aftertaste, usually I either make a small quantity (1/4 pack) or make a whole pack up and seal some in plstic bags to keep them crisp and stop me eating too many at once.
I tried butterscotch cookies and hated them, mind you I wasn't keen on the butterscotch flavour full stop.

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