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What fresh hell is this?


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Oh how annoying - it is a truly beautiful day and I can't do ANYTHING! I can't paint, talk, read - I just about have the energy to switch on my laptop for 15 minutes before collapsing again. I keep on feeling like just jacking it all in (I just feel like it - you know I won't) I'm hot and bothered because I picked the wrong bloody days to come out of ketosis, didn't I? And I feel so useless and unproductive and bored and I don't want to go to sleep again. The only thing that's stopping me from eating is the fact that my mouth won't open or swallow and I am too tired to get any food (be thankful for small mercies!) ugh - what is a girl to do but go to sleep for the 5th time today (no joke - this really will be my 5th 1.5 hour nap) I AM SO BORED!!!!!

(I'm not sorry for whinging - you're all off enjoying the sun anyway!)
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Can you get watch some great movies? Laughter therapy and all that...?

Just a thought! And most of us, I bet, are doing chores!

You CAN do this!

Mrs L xxx


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That was my plan, but I wake up for 20 mins and then go to sleep again :( Not even enough time for an episode of Sex and The City. There was a terrific Danielle Steele piece of schlock on Five yesterday afternoon - the sort of thing I long to watch when I'm having a bad day at work and I fel asleep before the advert break. Gaaaaaaah!

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