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What got you to do LT??


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Hey I was just curious about ur story on how did u get to LT and what made u do it??

For me it actually all started with a fortune teller, belive it or not. The reading was overwhelming and I mean OVERWHELMING. So many things that she said from my past were so precisely right and could not have been guessed!

Anyhow at the end she said " Oh yeah and you will lose 4 stone by the end of July" and I just thought to myself "hahahah, yeah whatever!!!" As I tried everything before but never had the willpower. And then I mean come on which diet could u lose 4 st. in 4 months like! Impossible i thought!

The next day I went in to d chemist to get some calpol for my little one and they had a big advertisiing for LT. I heard about it but thought it was just too good to be true. I overheard a girl that just got weighed "Wow so today I have lost more than 6 stone". "6 stone??? i thought and then I just thought I give it a try!

Now here I am 7 weeks later and nearly 3 stone lighter! She was right!

Now tell me yours...
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Mine isnt as good as yours, I was 11stone before i had a baby I am now (was) 14.11! My bay girl is 6 months old now so cant cant really use pregnancy as an excuse anymore! Also I am getting married june next year and I want to look and feel Fantastic on my wedding day!
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Now tell me yours....or die. Hehe

I was looking on the net for good decent diets, ones where you dont have to do something stupid like drink maple syrup and lemons. Then someone posted about Lipotrim.
I googled it and came on to this site.
I looked at all the amazing weightlosses and thought, holy cow, i must do this diet!

Annnd here we are :)

Im just worried that my hair is going to fall out!


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I was on here playing silly games in the middle of a night shift with Mary (kered). I noticed her losses, asked her about it and started 3 days later on Feb 16th x
My sister had done lt and she'd failed with every other diet but this one so i had 3 and a half stone left to lose so i thought i'll give it a go! and i lost the weight i wanted to lets see if i can keep it off though!
I saw soemone ive know 4 a LONG time in the supermarket, well i say i saw her but infact i walked straight past her as i didnt recognise her :eek: she'd lost sooooo much weigh thru Lipotrim and that got me thinkin....... Then i saw another friend of mine which i hadnt seen 4 a couple of months and she looks amazin.... again thru LT so i said 2 myself RIGHT THATS IT!!! its my turn LOL



Here we go again!
I saw it advertised in the chemist and wanted to lose weight anyway. Took a couple of months to get my head around it and then started in the January, after xmas and hubby's birthday.

I'm 40 next year and needed to get fit and healthy before then. Didn't know anybody that did it before me but thought, give it a go. 5 months later and nearly 7 stones gone. Woohoo.


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Whilst on facebook saw a friend who i hadnt seen in ages in a photo and was amazed!!, whilst on chat i asked her and thanks to her honesty i'm now much much happier...
I doubted it would really work but as the scales dropped and my clothes i thank god for my mate telling me about it as if i'm honest i'd just be getting bigger x


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A collegue at work did LT I had never heard of it before only knew about LL! Didn't think much more about it always thought it would be something I wouldn't be able to do as I don't have the willpower!

Then I had a dream a few months later (at my heaviest) that I went to my docs and they recommended it. The weird thing was though a few days later my daughter had a virus, so I took her to our doc and was given a prescription for her. I was suprised to find a new pharmacy opened at the docs and what were the leaflets on the counter about????....You guessed it LIPOTRIM!!!

I came home googled LT found this forum which I knew would be a huge help! So there it was...I decided to start the following Monday and the rest is history!!


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My reasons are much more about wanting to control my behavior around food (even though I've loads and loads of weight to lose). i've managed to lose lots with SW and WW but I can't keep it off.

I need to develop a healthier relationship with food and traitional diets don't help me do that.

I need not to eat for a time to learn what else to do when I am bored or upset or angry or happy. Eating is my automatic repsonse to an emotional event. Even on SW or WW I never managed to learn how to deal with issues without resorting to food. I just picked free food or low points etc. Then after stopping the diet, I'd go back to any old [email protected] instead.

I need to learn new responses. LT and the other TFR diets seem the obvious choice.

I'm lucky to work in a pharmacy that supplies LT, so it was an abvious choice.



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It is amazing that most of us thought we would not have the willpower for this diet as we have failed with so many diets before and funnily enough, the most radical diet works for us.

Lorra TB you are so right, this diet gives us a chance to develop a total different relationship with food as we can not use it for emtional satisfaction anymore,we jsut deal with it!It#s simply amazing this diet!


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I heard about LT from a girl at work. she had lost soooo much weight practically before my very eyes! I dont do well on diets generally I might lose 2 lbs in 1st week where everyone else would lose 4-5 and when I tried SW I put on 1lb the 1st week and cried all night:cry: but this does seem to be working well and I am not constantly thinking about food all the time like I was with other more traditional diets. there is even a tub of slimfast in the cupboard which I got months ago and didnt open coz I thought I would never be able to manage. but now I feel like I could manage anything:D

Hellie Eds

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I knew i wanted to do something to lose the weight, and with being a serial dieter I wanted something that would break my bad habits. That is something lipotrim has given me the chance to do. It started for me when a patient came into our practise and had been on the LL diet.I knew this lady at her biggest and was simply amazed, she had lost over 5 stone in 5 months. She told me about Lipotrim as this diet was cheaper than LL and It was quite a journey for me to get to the LL meetings. So I looked on the internet found there was a pharmacy in town and signed up. I have been on refeed now for 5 weeks and have lost half a stone in this time and I find maintaining not too bad better than I thought. I have to be prepared and planned (not a strong point of mine) and I walk for at least 30mins everyday but it has kept the weight off. This is good because like most people I was reluctant to start to eat again. I do have another stone to loose but hoping to do it on the maintance diet. God Dont I go on XX


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I have struggled with my weight since being diagnosed with Thyroid problems 12 years ago. I have tried SW, WW, LL and by cutting down and exercising myself none of which have worked or I haven't had the willpower to stick to it...

I saw LT advertised in my local chemist but I deliberated over it for 3 months, the I saw someone who works at the chemist that I hadn't seen for about 12 months, she had lost 5 stone, I was amazed. When I asked her how she had done it she told me about LT, so I went home and searched google, came here and the rest is, as they say, history and I haven't looked back since lol xxx


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It was all about hillwalking for me. I have been dieting for years and then diagonised with an underactive thyroid. I was able to maintain my weight but not able to loss. I even put on weight with WW, and they wouldn't believe me that I wasn't cheating. Anyway I went hillwalking with my sister I was slow but got up and down. Then a couple of weeks later I was bringing a few people from a club I'm in and again I was paddy last. I realised that I was lugging up an extra 5 stone. So decided that I needed something more drastic to help me lose weight. I knew a couple of people who had lost with Lipotrim so looked it up on the net, and thought about it for a week and got my doctor to sign me up for it.
I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do all the outdoorsy stuff I like to do, but so far no probs.
I'm really enjoying my holiday from food.


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Gemma at work started us all off here....I scoffed and said, "That's mad/unhealthy/no way can I possibly give up eating........etc." Then after she lost 10 lbs on her first WI.......... Well, I think it's THE BEST!!!!!

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