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What group do you go to?


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I love my group, very supportive and friendly. I find it helps me to stay on track - guilt trip!


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My C is awesome. As an ex WW, with one really bad leader, one good one and an ok one, SW wins hands down for personalisation. I get a text every week and when she knew I was having a bit of a nightmare, she checked in with me twice to see if I was ok and if I needed any help. She has stayed behind with me to go through my food diary, knows everyone by name from day one and is really honest, helpful and friendly. I really want to make this work for me and I want it to reflect on my C too. She's great. I don't know if this is normal practice for SW or not but it's certainly not what I'm used to and it's a great help.

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My c the same we all get a text after group ( group on a wednesday) and we all get a boost on a Monday a text or e mail giving us motivation and if you are having problems she gives you a ring every day if needed she really is great we have loads of target members at our group and I think that's because our C is that supportive x
I cant say that my C is really that good :eek: I dont find her very inspirational or overly supportive. The people in my group are lovely and I feel that if I stop going then I will put on weight but I definately dont think my C makes the group anything special.
I love going to my group on a monday morning, our consultant is so nice ... very welcoming, kind and just such a lovely person. She keeps us motivated, is very enthusiastic and encouraging .... our group is brilliant ... like a social gathering with everyone sharing ideas and helping each other ... its really nice and i dont think i will stop going to group xxx


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I go to group in Grays, Essex and love it! My Counsellor, Bev is lovely and everyone is so supportive - there are two other groups that are closer to me but I prefer this one so go out of my way to attend :)

I've been raving about it so much that a work colleague recently joined and has now got her half stone award - we keep each other on track at work and then tell tales on each other in class :giggle: there's a few others that are mother/daughters/sisters/friends so no secrets at our group :p
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I love my group half the time i cant stay for the meetings as OH works so have to take kiddies with me, but still get the same support and help from C and the group, when i do stay theres so much support that really gives you a boost for the next week, it helps that theres a lot of people i know there so it keeps me on track!
i go to the group in lakenheath. Pretty dry stuff, all they talk about is drinking alcohol, and I dont drink and certainly dont approve of them all saving their syns and binge drinking! BUT my consultant is very nice and I do look forward to going and getting weighed and having a clap when I lose :)
I am undecided about my C, on the one hand I do instinctively like her and I think she is good at presenting, has a nice energy etc, however, I find it frustrating that she simply cannot remember my name. I have been to 5 meetings so far, I always stay, I always speak, yet when she reads my name from the PDA she always looks around blankly and this week she wanted to get my attention but had to ask me my name. There aren't that many of us, maybe 20 that stay, and I am certainly the largest woman there, I wouldn't have thought it would be so difficult, she doesn't seem to have this problem with anyone else.

Having said that, I am a teacher and I have terrible difficulties in learning student's names so I really should cut her some slack.
I go to the Hastings football club venue hosted by Sally neighbour. In currently the only lad so I'm mothered a little lol. Such a friendly group. Really nice warm welcome every week.


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i go to kirsties in harlow essex ive been twice now i allways get welcomed by her and she even remembers my name, even get txts of support xx
I go to Jennys group in Warrington. She is fantastic, so motivated, friendly, encouraging, and to be honest she cares about every one of us. Her group is interesting and light, we laugh a lot and its very friendly and the losses are amazing. We couldnt do it without her support and knowledge, she is always there when we need her and we could text her anytime and she would be there to help us. She is a real good c.

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