What happened last night??????


I don't know what happened and i feel soooooo bad.............i ate a whole packet of chocolates and two slices of bread last night......why did i do that ......my other half was away? or is it because it is TTOTM??????/ H-E-L-P! I WAS SO GOOD LAST WEEK ! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

What you need to do is to start keeping a diary of these events and note your situation, how you were feeling, what you were thinking, what you did, and so on. This will help you when you get these urges in the future.

After that, stop feeling bad. It was a blip. It is done, and there is no going back. Forget it and do not dwell on it or the problem will snowball and you will eat again because you are feeling bad.

Draw a line under it, start again, and learn from it.

The only true mistake is not learning from a mistake.

It was probably emotional eating but it is done and dusted and now you are at the crossroads.

Do you beat yourself up all day, eat again and generally go to the dark side.

Or do you take stock, realise that it wasn't what you really wanted as you want to be slim and spend the day glugging water, feeling positive and burning 1600 calories of fat.

Not a hard decision ;-)

Oh dear!!
I'm not going to sit here and wag a finger at you caron because you're probably beating yourself up enough over this without anyone else joining in.

OK - you lost the plot ..... you have two choices:
1. feel awful and turn to even more contraband in response to your 'failure' and totaly wipe out what you've achieved so far OR
2. Accept that 'what is done is done', put a great big full-stop behind the incident and carry on.

My advice is to go with the second option! Then just take the consequences on the chin (at least if you stay the same this week you know why! ;) ). But whilst you resume where you left off with the diet, do a bit of head work and examine what it was that kept your hand going to your mouth.

What were your chatterboxes saying to you??
Were their 'comments' valid?? (doubtful)

Work hard at getting some contingency plan in place for if the situation ever arises again.

How about buying a couple of extra bars, chopping each them into 16 small chunks (cutting each quarter into 4) and freezing them in four-chunk 'portions' small freezer bags. Then if, after all your other distraction techniques fail (water, book, forum etc) and the need to nibble becomes overwhelming, you can fish a bag out of the freezer and satisfy the craving with minimum damage (frozen bars will take some chewing!!). I know the general consensus is NOT to ever, ever, ever give in to the munchie monster but sometimes the gnawing craving is just too much (and hey - even thin people get the munchies too!!) I personally think it's better to operate 'damage control' rather than have a full-blown slip up and if an extra 40 cals worth of frozen bar 'sweets' do the trick then it's worth it. (of course, the thing is not to eat all the bags in one session!! ;) )

Anyway - I hope you're feeling OK and are ready to put this behind you: you're human and it's not the end of the world.
The only true mistake is not learning from a mistake.


Nicely said SteveM....and so very, very true. :)

Caron, sweetheart....you know in your heart of hearts what led you to eat the things you ate yesterday and you can do something about it but not if you beat yourself up.

As has already been said...note what made you do it....how were you feeling at the time, how did you feel afterwards. What can you do different the next time these same feelings come up? Answering these questions will form the basis of your new coping strategy.

So what...you ate! It's not the end of the world and food is not your enemy. What is important here is that you know what you did and you can plan for future occurrences to help you achieve your goal and then reintroduce the kind of foods that will continue to feed your new found health and wellbeing.

Good luck Caron and keep on lightening up ... in more ways than one!!! ;) :)
Anyway - I hope you're feeling OK and are ready to put this behind you: you're human and it's not the end of the world.
Definitely agree with this senitment and those of all the others. Love the tip about chopping up bars too (noted for PMS!)

Perhaps when you know he is going to be away you can ask him to take anything with him that will tempt you? Or make sure there is none in the house. Temptation is the toughest thing to ignore. Put chocs and bread in the freezer, at the back, behind stuff so that it takes more effort to get to it and a real conscious decision to persevere.

I've found in the past that if I "fancy" something and it's in the freezer... then I kind of argue in my head about it, then ask myself why would I want to sabotage my weight loss! Have a drink of water and try to do something (walk the dog, read a book, housework!)

Sound advice from all these great folks.. please don't beat yourself up , just draw a line, and move onward and upward hun. In the greater picture that is life, some chocs aren't the be all and end all eh?;) :D

Good luck!:)
.why did i do that ......my other half was away? or is it because it is TTOTM??????/ H-E-L-P! I WAS SO GOOD LAST WEEK ! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused::confused: :confused: :confused:

I don't know about you, but I'm a creature of habit. If I am alone, I am drawn to the food. It seems to be a reflex action that steers me to the fridge:eek:

Subconsciously, my brain seems to think that if I am eating alone, it doesn't count. I reckon that's something that's stayed with me since childhood. That feeling that it's okay, as long as I don't get caught.

Of course, the plan is to just have one thing, but at times like this, one thing seems impossible. I've set off that regular cycle that just keeps going back for more.

Being aware of the problem has helped.

Best of luck for today. Sure you'll be fine :)

Caron, everyone has given great advice here, we're all human and we all have slip-ups, don't think you've failed because the only failure would have been to give up on the diet, and if you had done that you wouldn't be posting this.
Evenings are the time when you are tired and relaxed and you're defences are lowest so habit and temptation creep in. To avoid this I make sure I'm busy in the evenings, I go out a lot and when I'm in I make sure I have something to do, even if it is only a computer game, so my mind is distracted from food. I know this isn't possible for everyone, but it really helps me.
Thank you for all the advice. It really does help......I think i may be the same as what Kairen dieting it stems from my Childhood it was either nothing or nothing and i alwayd felt like i had to sneak food ....even now i sometimes eat so fast that I think the quicker it goes down that it dosen't count and if nobody knows then it dosen't count....I obviously know it isn't true....... i have drunk loads of water today and will stick to it....i have headache though and feel tired is this solesource sytems.

Thanks again to everyone for your support!
Hi babe
How are you feeling ?
Lots of good advice can not really add more
Just draw a line under it and carry on,
drink lots have your packs
hope you have a good evening