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What Happens After Midnight,

Andy R.

Time for a change
Ok this is gonna sound a little dumb but please bare with me, it may get a bit long winded. This has been going round in my head for a few days and thought this was the best to share ramdom thoughts lol.
Well I'm guess most people on here have seen the gremlin movies or at least know the the 3 rules of a mogwai, You know, Never get them wet, Never expose them to bright lights. and the most important of them all "Never feed them after midnight" Cos they turn into evil gremlins. See when i was younger that last rule never made much sense to me, I mean its always after midnight isn't it? Like if u wake up bright and early and fed your cute little gizmo, wouldnt it still turn evil cos its still "after" midnight. Dumb i know.
Well this got me thinking, the slimming world diet plan is quite similar, i mean we can swap from one day green to red the next. So do we have that dreaded "midnight" cut off point were if we over lap days bad things happen and we get bigger and madder come weigh day. I know we have a big sleep inbetween and the body shuts down, but still some kinda weird parrallel going on. It might even explain some of weird behaviour going on in the flirt zone forums. I Mean imagine if Slimming world was actually founded by Mr Miyagi (wrong film, same guy).
Anways i feel better for getting it off my chest. and hope u could make sense of my randomness
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Andy...you are officially nuts...


Mrs V

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Lol...Andy, you and I are on the same wave length! I refuse to eat past midnight, as officially I would be into my next day of eating and that could be from a Red to a Green. If however I do 2 Red or 2 Green days in a row, then as long as its a free food, I dont care!
One way of looking at it is this....if you get up at 8 am and go to bed at 11pm, you are only having 15 hours of your 24 (does this make sense?), so the remainder of the time could be split between the 2 days.
Ok, now I have a headache from thinking too hard!!! Lol.....Hellie's right, we are officially both nuts!
Now i Andy i see where you are coming from.

Gabriel now sleeps through the night but when i used to get up at 1 or 2 in the morning to give him a feed i used to think 'now can i drink that milk or eat that peice of chicken' Arrgghhh - nightmare!

As i say thankfully now he doesn't wake until atleast 6am... phewf! xx
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However...I think I know where you're coming from in a way! Well, this is my interpretation of your insane ramblings.

I don't see SW as one 'day' at a time. It's a continuous thing. Ok, so yep, we sleep at night, which is when the body does it's magic stuff. But SW is ongoing...we eat, we digest, we metabolise, we gain fat, lose fat, retain water, lose water...etc. That's why I don't really have WI day blow-outs (ignoring weekend wine binges!)...because it's all ongoing. Everything adds up and everything counts!

If I go to bed after midnight, it is still the same day - red or green or whatever. Once I wake up...new day!


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...I turn into a witch... ;)

LOL this thread made me LOL big time! I see where you're coming from and think this might actually impact on those who work shifts etc...you plan for a green day and then a red day, but you get called in for a night shift starting one day and ending the next?

But, I agree with others - if it's after sleeps it's new day.

You are mad though!!!

We actually call our cat Noodle after the gremlins depending on whether he's being cute or naughty. He has big ears and a pointy face with massive eyes like them...and he can be naughty at night especially ;)


Slow but sure....
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I never eat after midnight either - because I class it as a new day.

Back in the days when I used to say to myself -"I am going to start dieting tomorrow" - I would eat until midnight and then I was officially on a diet, LOL.....it never lasted long though until I found SW.


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Yep defo nuts, but last night it was 11.58pm and i was still due to have a hifi bar and i thought oh crap i cant have it now so i didnt grrrr but i no what ya mean hahahahaha
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Just do Extra Easy, then you don't have to worry about the cut off point for Red and Green!!! hahaha!


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we must have the cut off



Oh no Andy - how on earth did you think of this & why share it with us - I am really going to have to think about this now.

But Gremlins was a fantastic film & I always wanted one.
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I do sometimes eat after midnight, but as someone else said, as I am doing EE, I just eat whatever I can find (SW-friendly, not rubbish).


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Possibly the only person not thinking you're nuts here!

While I was doing weight watchers, I heard of looooads of people that would start their "daily" plan at 6pm... This enabled people to use all the points they needed for dinner, and what was left would be used the following day before 6pm. This meant some days you could use more, and would make up for it the following day to 6pm. It didn't do anything bad and I never heard of anyone turn into a big scary monster on wi day! The same can be done on SW I guess... a few hrs difference in what you eat isn't going to make a blind bit of difference!! Lol. X

Andy R.

Time for a change
lol, thanks Julianne, but its possible your nuts to if any of it made any sense. was for a bit of fun really, but there was a method to my madness hahah

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